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Monday, December 22, 2008

What is your signature?

In my family when a baby girl is born they are given a "signature color" Amazingly enough that color usually ends up being their favorite color. Are we really good guessers or influenced?

My Mother's~ is pink~ She often wears it and chooses accessories in PINK! She is known for it. Mother is also known for her sense of classic style. 9 x's out f 10 the woman looks like she walked off the pages of Ralph Lauren. The 10th time... the red carpet.
Mine ~is red ~ My family and friends will tell you I have been wearing red lipstick and fingernails(minus the occasional french manicure) from 15 - present day. It is my trademark, what I am known for. That and purses!
Olivia's~ is purple- EVERYTHING is purple! If you can think of it she has it in purple. You guessed it she is known for it and it. Everyone knows if you are getting something for Olivia, get it in purple. All shades, but especially darker purple. I am not sure she knows that other colors exist! Olivia is also very fond of Jewelry and anything that sparkles!
So tell me what is your signature color or style?


Anonymous said...

Girl, what are you doing on the computer at midnight? you are supposed to be resting because "seek and destroy" will be up and at 'em later in the morning. Yes, your mother is truly "pink" to the core, you "red". I'm a blend of both you and Olivia. It's hard for me to pick one over the other. I get numerous compliments when I wear purple, but love red. SO, let's just say I'm a blend of both! lol

Have a happy day.
Love ya,
Aunt Beth

Leigh said...

Mine would be black, because I wear it all the time! But my favorite color is turquoise. I like to wear that color too.

Bama Belle said...

Aunt Beth~ LOL I am asleep this post was an automatic. I wrote it earlier and had it set to post. You are a great combo! We love you.

Leigh~ Black is my second favorite color and ALL accessories for me are black! Turquoise is a great color that I bet looks awesome on you!

jennifer said...

Oh No! I don't have a signature color! I look pretty good in red, pink, and shades of blue. Probably the best in blue and that is my favorite color.

Diva Daughter is pink and Oldest Daughter is Coral/orange.

What a cool post!

jennifer said...

And I can't wear red lipstick AT ALL. The photo that I am using on my profile, I am pointing to the lipstick that I bought at YOUR urging for Election Day. I was going to post about it and the red lipstick at the polls... but I didn't.

I am a lip gloss kind of girl :)

Bama Belle said...

Jennifer~ lipgloss works just as well!!!!!!!!! I can see blue working very well for you! It would accent your eyes!
Glad you did the lipstick thing for election day I am going to have to go check that out!