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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Birmingham Zoo, Giraffes, and Build a Bear High School Musical Bear

I am blogging early today as I am planning to have some family time this evening,


We had a fantastic day today. We woke up and headed straight for the zoo. Such a perfect morning for that! It was almost COLD! Oh, how pleasant it was to walk around with the hint of Autumn in the air. We fed Juno and Gordon, the giraffes. You should have seen how long their tongues were! Orry even fed them. He wasn't so sure about them, but he did it. Juno thought Olivia had more food and spit all over her when she didn't! It was a hoot! So they gave Olivia a little more food to give Juno and they made up. Olivia even got to pet Gordon. He was very accommodating, but Juno having just given birth was still a little skittish, unless you had a treat.

We saw the new baby giraffe. Juno gave birth on Monday of last week to a little girl giraffe. She is so precious. Two weeks old on Monday, she still had her umbilical cord. We all submitted our name choice for her. Each one of us had a different name to submit. Even Orren. We cannot share what we chose, but we will after Aug. 13th when they make the selection. The winner gets some very cool prizes.

We also witnessed the flamingo fight. Oh my goodness, I have never seen such! They were so loud and so mean to one another. We sat watching in awe!

From there we put on our swimsuits, well the children anyway, and headed to the fountains to play. Fortunately, by then it had warmed up a lot and they had so much fun. Of course the goose bumps set in when they got out of the water. Worried that Orren would get chilled we changed him before our lunch. Which included nachos, cheese fries, chicken fingers and cheeseburgers.

After all of the excitement from the morning at the zoo, we ran to the Galleria to Build a Bear. Olivia had to build the "high school musical bear". It really is cute. She loves it so. Then a quick run through Disney Store to pick up a little something for Orry( a sword that makes sounds) and then home! Whew, we are exhausted.

This afternoon we will pop some popcorn and make some snack foods to settle in with a new movie on pay per view. So we hope all of you have a wonderful afternoon!

We are visiting a Church here in Helena in the morning. Cumberland Presbyterian. We will let you know when we get home what we think. We are hopeful as a church in our community is something Joe and I think our family needs. We adore our church family and church home, Trinity United Methodist. We just think it is vital for the children to be at Church with community friends and to have that core. We will see! SHHHHHHHHH don't tell Orren's Doctor, he hasn't cleared him for that. BUT our family doesn't think we can stay away from Church any longer. We are going to risk it! Don't tell on us, LOL

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