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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner, Senators, Vegas & Friends

We had a great weekend!

Joe and I were so honored to be the guests of Aunt Kay on Friday night @ the Shelby County Republicans annual dinner.

This evening was in honor of United States Senator Jeff Sessions(AL).

It was @ American Village and was absolutely wonderful! Our dinner consisted of crisp Caesar salad with a creamy Dijon Mustard; Chilled Gazpacho Soup; Baked Macadamia crusted Chicken with a raspberry sauce; four cheese risotto; Green Beans almondine; Chocolate chip pecan pie with bourbon whipped cream. Let me just say the food was fabulous. The catering was done by the Wynfrey hotel in Birmingham.

For Hor D'Oeuvres we had crab cakes an remoulade sauce, strawberries and cream cheese. tortellini and marinara, and chicken salad in phyllo dough pie shells. I tried the crab cakes... wonderful and made me long for the beach. I also had the chicken salad and it to was wonderful. We had a really good Chardonnay and just a really good time.

We were so proud of Aunt Kay as she introduced Sen. Sessions. She continues to inspire me with her elegance and poise. Alabama is truly better for her having been our State Treasurer.
Senator Sessions is a phenomenal speaker and empowering. We so enjoyed our evening, it is always so much fun to get dressed up for dinner!

The children had a great night as well. Their care giver took them on an evening stroll, campaigning for Hal Woodman, Baked cookies, ate pizza and painted fingernails! I am not certain we were missed at all.

Saturday, we spent the day at Michelle and Salah's. We helped all day doing the projects that come with a new house and unpacking. Of course with Michelle and I together we found a way to go shopping briefly, and you know there was tons of food and sweets! Their new home is coming together so beautifully and I cannot wait until it is finished! I cannot believe I had the camera in the car and never brought it in! I will when it is all finished for sure! After a hard day of work it was time for Joe and Salah to break out the Heineken. Michelle and I did not venture into our normal martini consumption. I think we were actually too tired to even think about them!
Salah left for Las Vegas this morning and we hope he has a safe trip and lots of fun! We will see you when you get back! Vegas is such a fun place, I cannot wait until we get to take everyone! Michelle, while he is gone, you know what to do!

Orren and Olivia have been playing this morning. We noticed that something has happened over the course of the past couple of weeks. Orren has lost that "baby" look completely and has moved into full blown toddler hood. He has also discovered that he can go up the stairs with the ease of an Olympic Gymnast and the speed of "Lightening Bolt" from Jamaica! He has put it together that his room is up there & his toys. I am not ready to turn him loose in the play room, as there are still to many things he could choke on in there.

Joe is grilling right now and we will be enjoying lots of BBQ fare soon! Looking forward to a restful afternoon together before we start the week again tomorrow! Glass of wine in the gloaming if the rain stays at bay. It has been a while since we lit the outdoor fireplace. I hope we get a chance today. I began to think we had moved to London as grey, wet and cold as it was yesterday!

Chief and GrandMaMa will be here soon! We cannot wait! We will check in soon!

1 comment:

Leigh said...

Sounds like a delightful weekend!! The republician dinner sounds great. I love things like that!