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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Lord Huckleberry,

Happy Birthday Lord Huckleberry Breland!

Today our precious and loyal dog Lord Huckleberry Breland turns five years old. We had a birthday party scheduled for today, but "Huck" decided to wait for his friend Rosie to be able to attend on Saturday. So we will have cupcakes and "Frosti paws" Saturday afternoon to celebrate. For today, Huck had to settle for his Favorite food, Bacon. (per GrandMaMa)

We love you so much Huckleberry and we would be lost without you!

Joe is presently mowing the yard and battling the weeds. Orren is napping and Olivia is reading. I, as you can see decided to blog!

It was another glorious morning and cool. This is not good, as I am really beginning to feel the itch for Autumn. Oh, how I am longing for the gloaming this afternoon!

We are spending our afternoon watching and cheering the United States on in the Olympics. GO USA! We just came in fourth in the rowing so we will not be moving forward. BUMMER!

We had the most wonderful visit at Helena Cumberland Presbyterian Church this morning. We learned that this Church was founded in 1840. In so many ways it did feel as though we had been transported in time. The pastor gave a service that I know he prepared just for us. As my Great Grandfather used to say "he was reading my mail". Anyway, we don't want to make a hasty decision, so I am certain we will visit a couple of other churches in Helena and re-visit this one. We felt so welcomed and loved there. MOST of all you could feel the Holy Spirit there, and Olivia loves it there, and they all knew her! (She has done VBS there 2 times and does Parent's Night out every month. Several times today Joe and I said "yes, our children proceed us"LOL we loved it. We will be back!

Olivia starts school in the morning, first day back! Here we go again! I can't believe she is in the fourth grade! We have changed schools. We are no longer with Evangel Christian Classical School. We are now with Riverside Christian Academy. It is closer, smaller, and part of our community. (I have had this real pull to be close to our community and family in case you haven't noticed) We love Evangel and would highly recommend them to anyone, and perhaps will return at a later time, for now we wanted to be closer to home and in our community. We are blessed and thankful that Evangel gave us the wings we needed to fly as homeschoolers and for holding our hands as we took those first steps. They will forever be special to and a part of our lives. The Snuggs are such special people and we are better for knowing them.

Looking to the future, we are thankful and blessed that Riverside Christian Academy is here! We anticipate amazing things and we are excited about our new adventure!

Tomorrow is the BIG day for Kayla!
*Kayla and Dalton.
We find out what to the new addition will be. I initially had a feeling that it was a girl. Now, I could be leaning towards blue. Nona, (Joe's Mom) says pink, Kayla and Christy say blue. We shall see! I will post tomorrow.

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