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Friday, August 1, 2008

Thanks to Hewy and the Loading Dock and all of Helena Businesses

OK, I stole this picture from Charnita's expressions>>link over there
I was there at the time this pic was snapped and hers looks better than mine!

Well, so it comes to this..... Started at 8:oo Am, ran into Charnita, exchanged some "smack talk" (LOL) found more clues. Got our picture made with the gnome, we hope to get it from Hewy or the Loading Dock and then we will post it. Ran into Charnita AGAIN, more "smack talk" Made a stop for gas and provisions....m&ms, diet Pepsi, milk, bug juice, muffins, bacon & egg and cheese bagel ,a tot shot, and a white chocolate mocha (good gracious we were just gnome hunting but you would have thought we were stocking up for the winter) Guess who Charnita AGAIN! ( I discovered I adore this woman!) Next stop after all the clues are found the Library to decipher the Bible verse clues, then to Cahaba Lilly, no key!!!! WHAT? We can't be wrong.....so the ending?

We did not find the gnome! We had all the clues we had figured the location, couldn't find it. Thought it might have been found, called the Loading Dock no, not yet, so we decided to go and sit under him to think! Yes, the key had been found they were in transit as we were calling. Seems we were minutes off the leader! So we were in second place! No gnome, no gift certificates or cash BUT the precious people at the Loading Dock, Ms Laura Lynn, gave Olivia a giant tub of twizzlers and gobstoppers as a second place prize! Olivia shed some tears all the way home, but lessons were learned and it WAS A BLAST! Thank you Hewy for the chance to do this, it was great. Thank you to all of the Helena Businesses that participated we had so much fun and you were very generous to do so.

See ya'll at the next gnome hunt!

Most of all we enjoyed the hunting and teasing of other hunters. Charnita and her crew for one. Leigh Hulsley also and SHE won it! So Next hunt, it is on! WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Leigh said...

Looks like you and Char made a good run for it. That counts as something. I know it was fun.And taht Laura Lynn at the Loading Docks ROcks!