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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A couple of months ago now, but I love this picture!

Good Morning! First let me say.................................

Happy Birthday Margaret!

You are a dear sweet friend and I hope your day is wonderful! I am going to try and walk over to see you late this evening!

OK, I am really beginning to miss Joe! I have been single mom for 2 days now and I don't like it! Hurry home, we miss you! Although, I am getting a crazy amount of cleaning out done. The nights are long and empty once the children are asleep, so I have to occupy myself somehow.

I am waiting on the rain which should be arriving soon. So we have been playing and doing some "art" this morning. Olivia is doing her school work. She is loving this ABEKA DVD system. It is the teacher in front of the class teaching just as if she were sitting in the desk @ Pensacola Christian. She is doing well and really responding positively to this type of curriculum. We have used ABEKA every year before, since she was in 4 year ol Kindergarten, Minus the 2 years of public school. It is a fantastic program and we are very pleased.

Orren has a few new sayings. The first one is OH WOW! It is done every time with such enthusiasm. The first time I thought he was going to suck in the room as he makes the OH by breathing in so hard it makes a noise. Wow comes when he exhales just as hard. After I got over my fear of him hyperventilating, I could enjoy it and laugh because it is so funny!

He also is now pointing his finger and saying DAH!( There is that DAH again. )When he is mad.

Hopefully Joe will return to us soon, I know I NEVER want to get divorced, oh my goodness I would hurt someone. I EVEN PUT THE GARBAGE OUT!!!! LOL, Guess I need to learn to live with him opening cabinets and not closing them! Funny what you learn to appreciate when they are gone a few days. I do hope that they meet their deadlines and he can rest this weekend. Think it might be pushing it to ask him to cut the grass?

Well, apparently their pancakes have worn off and it is time for lunch. I promised Paninis and French onion soup, so I best get started!

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Anonymous said...

My husband is gone all the time and so we try not to take each other for granted.