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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have a rant about Charter Cable!

So, I was sharing this story with my Mother and Michelle. I got myself all worked up about this again and wanted to share with all of you. Yesterday, we awoke to a new channel line up on our TV. (in the words of Orren... Uh OH!)

Apparently Charter found it necessary to move them all around and even take a few away. No Biggie because I was assured that all of the channels that effect us we would still get, no problem.


Here is how it played out at the Breland house:

Olivia woke up before anyone else, as she always does. She put it on <66>formerly known as Toon Disney, it is now BET. Yea, she came running into our bedroom crying. If I had seen that first thing in the morning I would have cried to. Anyway, ...so,... I explained it all to her and helped her find the Toon Disney Channel..... that we no longer got. GREAT! Frantically I start checking for the other "kid" channels..... OMG...... No Babies First TV? WHAT? Deep breath, it will be OK. I am sure that it will all be up and working again soon. We can distract Orren and Olivia long enough. OK.... 10:00 AM... NADA....... It is fine it will be on soon...... 12:00PM.. NADA! Oh, this could be bad. Orren has now taken matters into his own hands and is in a tug- of -war with Mommy over the remote. He REALLY wants the shushybye song.............

Shushybye Theme
Every night the sun goes down The lights go out throughout your town That's the time to close your eyes 'Cause soon you'll be in Shushybye
(Chorus): Oh my my, Shushybye! Oh my my, Shushybye!
There's a train that takes you to A place where dreams are made for you Climb aboard, we'll ride the sky And soon you'll be in Shushybye
(Chorus): Oh my my, Shushybye! Oh my my, Shushybye!
All the dreams are there for you Dreams that last the whole night through So hold my hand and close your eyes We're on our way to Shushybye
Chorus: Oh my my, Shushybye! Oh my my, Shushybye! (repeat 2x)

1:00PM... NADA.... time to call. After being told that it was a transition...blah, blah blah,..... it will eventually all be up and running....blah, blah, blah..... I responded with "OK.... GREAT!.......Now, you explain this to the 14 month old and then to the 9 year old 'cause Mommy is DONE!" He responded with a very low and humble, Ma'am? I said "you heard me, it is after one o'clock, YOU tell them why they can't watch Mickey and dance to the shushybye song!........ Oh, no answer? OK we will just load up and come to watch it at your house!"

(Mommy is ready to hurt the cable man if he doesn't fix it NOW) AND, "I am certain we will be getting a credit to our account, RIGHT?" "We will get it taken care of as soon as possible Ma'am"

LOL, ALL of our channels were up and working within 10 minutes of our phone call.

"Oh my, my shushybye."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

shushybye? Jess, c'mon don't do that to him. LOL! Hope all is well in Birmingham. Those babies are the most gorgeous I have ever seen. Orren has to have the prettiest blue eyes in the world. I can't believe how Olivia has grown up and what a little lady she is.
Call me when you can,