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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well, Olivia went to "parents night out" at Helena Cumberland Presb Church last night. She truly has missed this ministry and had so very much fun. She was thrilled that Joey and Andy got to come. You would not believe all the crafts the children came home with, my goodness! They watched movies and had hot dogs and cookies with pink lemonade! WOW how could that NOT be fun?

Joe and Orren and I bandaged our bruises from the lost gnome hunt at P.F. Chang's, one of my favorite places to eat! Orren discovered their fried green beans and ate as many as Joe and I did. Joe had the wok seared lamb it was fantastic! I, of course had the honey chicken YUMMMMMY. We also got the shrimp fried rice and the hot and sour soup(I could live off that stuff).

Then it was off to Williams-Sonoma! We were out of cinnamon sugar and we found the cutest sandwich cutter (one was a train and one was a daisy) we had to have! They came with their own little sandwich keepers and were so precious. We also found a great deal on the most adorable football cake pan. Bama opener is in 28 days so we had to have LOL! Bath and Body Works was smelling so wonderful I had to go in and pick up some refills for my wallflowers. The we were off to pick up the children!

I was flooded by all three when we got there. Andy had to show me this, and Joey wanted to tell me that, and Olivia was begging to finish her art project! Once we were finally all herded into the Yukon, trying not to wake Orry, Mr. Joe decided we needed ice cream! So it was a quick run for a McFlurry!

Finally, we were all home and after visiting with our sweet neighbor Mike and Margaret, we finally all went to sleep after a VERY LONG DAY!

So, what was on the agenda for today? Preparing for the big

Meet and Greet for


tomorrow @ 2:00 PM

We will be having meatballs, grated apple pie, and of course my famous fondue bar!
*plus whatever anyone brings from the campaign committee

We also made a stop at the Loading Dock and finally found the RIGHT curved chrome pipe to put our rain forest shower head in the middle of our shower. (well, close enough) We LOVE the Loading Dock! Everyone needs to go and check them out. Laura Lynn is sure to help you find what you need, and you feel as though you stepped right into her home as she surrounds you with southern hospitality!

Our thoughts are with Chief and GrandMaMa tonight as they attend the yacht party at the yacht club! We were all together for it and had so much fun last year. Orry was so tiny and he had so many firsts that night. (His first dance ever, with his GrandMaMa.) We all ate so many wonderful things, drank wine, and danced 'til way after the sunset beyond the ocean's horizon. SO tonight our thoughts and dreams are with ya'll there on the beach, wishing we to were there and loving you so much! We will be settling for tacos tonight while that tuna is sizzling & shrimp is boiling down there.
Thank you to all of you who are visiting and reading about us. I discovered yesterday it was a lot of you! If we have not met you we look forward to it. We love to make new friends!
May the Lord, mighty God, bless and keep you forever!


HEWY said...

I hear PF Chang's make great bandages. That really sounds like a long day!

BamaBelle said...

It was Hewy! It was. LOL @ the PF Chang's bandages! They are the best!

Anonymous said...

P. F. Chang's make this spicy eggplant dish that is my *favorite* thing. My MIL has tried to duplicate it for me to no avail. Thanks for hosting the Woodman Meet and Greet. It was good to see you again. He is fortunate to have a friend open her home to, um, promote the cause of making a better Helena!

BamaBelle said...

Thank you Missbossypants. It was wonderful to see you again as well. I had a fantastic time hosting the event and hope to do another one with a REALLY big turn out! Hal is a great individual and will certainly serve our city well. Thanks for dropping by, come see us again!