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Psalm 56:3

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Friday, August 29, 2008

The aftermath

*GrandMaMa and the 2 O's

Well, let me just say this..... when Daddy is home alone with the little ones, Mommy has work to do the next day. They had so much fun. They made Jello and played and ate things they were not supposed to. Stayed up late and watched football. I am tickled because Olivia this morning was saying well, Daddy ...... it cracked me up.

We are still watching Gustav, now it seems Hanna will hit Alabama (even Birmingham by next weekend) She is to be a Cat 3 also. Evacuations are crazy and coming from all areas.

Today is Ramsey's birthday so.....................................

Happy Birthday Ramsey!!

We will See you at Chuck E. Cheese in a bit, we love you!

For those of you that are curious, Orren is walking here and there. He just doesn't like it as much as crawling. Chief says it is his 4- wheel drive. I fell in the floor I thought it was so funny.

Tip Top Grille pictures

*View from Tip Top Grille

We had such an adventure that day. Oh my goodness! The wind on top of the mountain is VERY strong and it blew our umbrella right out of the table when we sat down. Then because the sun was so bright we decided to move to another table with a sturdier umbrella. Well,........ in the move Chief's drink was knocked over and all of his food was soaked. It fell apart when he picked it up it was so soggy. So then Olivia's chicken took forever and we were all so aggravated that it wasn't as much fun as we had hoped. But as Chief said we are not likely to forget it!*Olivia squinting in the sun @ tip top

The weather was perfect it was so cool, windy, and sunny. I wish it was that way here at our house right now.

* Master Orry on his horse



jennifer said...

I saw your comment on Hewy's blog about family evacuating to your place. I will say a prayer for the safety of your family as well as for the safety of their homes. We are coming up from Daphne tomorrow as well. No reason to take a chance.

Happy Birthday to Ramsey!!! You have a lovely family.


Be blessed.


BamaBelle said...

Jennifer, you are so kind. I pray that you to have a safe journey and that all will be wll when you return. May God watch over and bless you.
Thank you for your birthday wishes to Ramsey, I will pass them on. He and his family are so special to us.
Thank you for your precious words about our family. We are very blessed to have each other.
Please come back and let me know how things are after things have settled down.
Be safe,
The Brelands

Leigh said...


My prayers are with all of the evacuees. We have fmaily in MS coast and are waiting to see their plan.
Happy Day to Ramsey!
And finally, love tip top...my old stomping grounds. I grew up in BP.