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What time I am afraid I will trust in thee
Psalm 56:3

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Monday, September 1, 2008

And Gustav passes through, Our kids helping Jerry's kids, and Alabama Football

Picture Chief took @ the beach late today.

First let me say how thankful we are that all of our family and friends are safe and their homes seem to be as well. All are now safely back home. We say a prayer of thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for his mercy and blessings. Thank you to all of you for your calls and prayers. They were greatly appreciated and needed.

We had a great holiday weekend and we are dreading getting back into the groove tomorrow. We spent Friday preparing for Gustav and the family to arrive. Then @ 6:00 PM we ran to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Ramsey's Birthday. It was so fun and his cake from Edgars was fabulous!

While at the grocery on Saturday, Orren pulled an "Oh my goodness" moment. The Firemen were there taking money for the MDA fundraiser. You know where you put the money in the boot. Joe gave each of the children a dollar to place in the boot. Olivia went first and the firemen made over her and gave her a sticker. Then it was Orren's turn. The firemen talked to him and tickled him and then held the boot up so he could put his money in. Orren looked at it, them, & then us. Just as quick as lightning he stuck both hands in the boot and pulled out two fists full of money. I could have melted into the floor! I started apologizing and the firemen were falling out laughing. All I could think was Orren please don't throw or drop that money! After wrestling it away from him we replaced all the money into the boot, apologized profusely and shuffled everyone to the car. GrandMaMa said "well, he thought they were sharing." LOL I am so glad that we were in Inverness and not at our local grocery, I would never be able to call the fire dept if we had an emergency!

Saturday night we of course were glued to the TV as we cheered on the Tide and took down number 9 Clemson! We enjoyed being with our friends and were so surprised to get goodies from Salah. He brought everyone something from Vegas. Orren a hat and T-shirt, Olivia a hat and t-shirt (pink hat & purple shirt no less) Joe got a hat and t-shirt. Knowing my passion for purses and bags I got a gorgeous bag! Thank you Salah we all love our souvenirs!

Sunday was spent here waiting on arrivals, making phone calls and wringing our hands about Gustav.

Today we made breakfast burritos and bought a movie on pay per view ( Spiderwick Chronicles, VERY GOOD). Baked a spice cake, which really has me longing for Autumn to get here. I made home made Beef Stroganoff, got everyone safely back in their homes, played with the children and everyone to bed. Joe is now watching Tennessee play UCLA. I am blogging. It was a day to relax. Once we knew Gustav was no longer a threat.

Tomorrow we are back to school and normal day to day. It is a short week! Hope it is wonderful for all of you!


Leigh said...

Glad your fmaily are all safe following Gustav. I too send up praise at the Lords sparing a big brunt as with Katrina.
Also a big Roll Tide your way. Our team looked flawless on the field.

Anonymous said...

I wondered if you'd have a houseful. I am not a Roll-Tider but I always like when a football weekend goes well for the big teams in the state. I am still miffed that UK gave U of L a safety of all things on Saturday, but a win is a win when you're Big Blue.

Julie said...

Hey Jessica -

email me your blogging tips. my email is julie@tclcinc.com and thanks for reading my blog. :o)