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What time I am afraid I will trust in thee
Psalm 56:3

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Funny. funny, funny!

Well, I think we have calmed down around here after such a rush from the Bama game. It was so awesome!

I got this from my Daddy. I thought it was so cute.

It was a fun day around here today. We played and painted after we finished school. Orren is still all about Mr. Potato head. So we played with that. TODAY he took the feet (two sets) and put them on the floor and kept stepping on them trying to "put them on" Joe and I were rolling it was so funny and cute to watch him trying to figure this out. It was so sweet.

Olivia is in an "organizing mood" she keeps "organizing" things all over the house. Now I am very much an organized neat freak. OK, so I am OCD. It is OK I can own it, I'm not scared. Anyway, so her OCD is now overlapping my OCD. Heaven help us!

Oh, did I mention BAMA won this weekend? Roll Tide!!!!!!

My precious sweet friend Michelle (who is about to be REALLY mad when she reads this, as I was told you better not put that on the blog! LOL OOPS!) and I were talking today and she said "well, I don't know I don't have ESPN" We were not talking about the channel. More along the lines of mind reading. Get it? I can't say much because when I hurt my knee a while back I said "I think I tore my ACLU" No wonder we are two peas in a pod!

My Sis-in-law had her own funny story to tell me along those lines. Last night we were talking about abbreviations for computer/ tech devise. She told me that she thought LOL was lots of love. I was on the floor. We love you girl.

Just remember, life with us comes with a disclaimer. You WILL be on the blog!

This week is busy and the weekend is going to be a blast. I wish that I could just have a birthday without actually getting older. Just so all of you know, I am turning 29. (heeeheee.......... again) All I know is someone better come up with a red velvet cake. It is all I want.

Well, I guess I better go and try to settle in and hopefully actually get some sleep. I will have Ameer with me and the children tomorrow. We are going to have so much fun.
Have a blessed one!


jennifer said...

Hey, I thought you might not have heard it but ALABAMA WON THIS WEEKEND!! LOLOLOLOL

Oh for a child with organizational skills. You blessed woman!!

Bama Belle said...

LOL You crack me up!