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Saturday, September 27, 2008

So how do I explain this? HMMM

The children's trick or treat pails I had done. They say Happy Halloween on the back.
They are covered in candy corn, Olivia's is purple and (they did not have green so) Orren got black.

See what had happened was......................................................................

All of you know I am addicted to blogging and the computer. So you would understand how upsetting it would be should I not have a computer or heaven help me BLOG! I missed you blog friends!

Well, it lasted about 24 hours, Joe could not handle it anymore so he "rigged" something up! I am typing on my laptop that is hooked to my PC monitor.... you might be a Red Neck if.........LOL

On Friday morning as I was checking my email Orren had a BETTER idea. Let's play Mr Potato Mommy! He then hurls it across the room and SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Right into the screen of the lap top. I had the most beautiful pattern of lines. "Look at the colors Mommy it is so pretty" Olivia said. Yes darlin' the are pretty, Mommy needs a grown up drink now. Make that a double.

I literally felt sick to my stomach and thought oh no, please! Please no. BUT it was. I understand that you can get a new screen for laptops that will be something we will be looking into first thing Monday morning.

My little Prince just went right on babbling to me about whatever it was that he was telling me. I did great, No tears and sobbing until he went down for his nap. Then I needed to be heavily medicated. Since I could not find any willing Drs to call in some type of drugs, and I had no alcohol in the house, I gave in and took a brief nap (very brief to make sure I would sleep later)

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I did not sleep one wink Thursday night, had coffee and bacon, eggs (which Orren ate, apparently as long as they are cooked in bacon grease and smothered in cheese) and biscuits. With orange milk and black grits (Halloween is coming). Joe and I sat out in the courtyard, in the FREEZING cold, drinking coffee watching the sun come up before he left for work. It was wonderful and I love those precious times together. Then dundundundah dundundundah Watch out for flying objects!

In need of shopping therapy, we headed to Target to get Birthday present and only "necessities" Finally, we were off to Ramsey's party. I wish that all of you could have seen Orren dancing. It was a hoot! He loves to boogie! We had such a good time and it is so wonderful to be with our friends.

We have been outside playing with the Mike, Margaret, and the boys. In between this awesome football day! We are thrilled Ole Miss won, hope that Tenn (oh my sweet word did I just say that, but it helps us in the rankings if we win tonight)beats AUburn, and of course ROLL TIDE tonight. I am fixing the rotel, and sausage balls right now! Orren is decked out in his BAMA wind suit and Olivia in her BAMA sweatshirt. We have all of the Alabama platters, bowls and trays out for our snacks. WE ARE READY!

So, I hope all of you enjoy the rest of the afternoon and I will see you tomorrow! Courtesy of the red neck Riviera

1 comment:

jennifer said...

Mommy needs a grown up drink now. Make it a double.


THAT was funny. I know computer problems are NOT. Hope all is well soon.