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Psalm 56:3

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chubby Cherubs, Disney on Ice, and Birthday coming up

The two O's and the crew of Wizard of Oz. Orren now loves his Tin Man toy!

It is so cold I saw my breath outside! I am so excited!

Well, we are getting ready for the weekend, but I must admit, I am already looking forward to next weekend. MY BIRTHDAY is on the 4th. Now, normally I would really care less. But I am really excited about the plans with Joe, the children, and the El-Fallahs (Michelle and Salah). I am going to get to see Michelle perform that day to!

The children are ready for Ramsey's second birthday party on Friday. It is at Pump it Up. As most of you know that is a favorite children's spot! I have to spend tomorrow afternoon finding just the right gift for him.

I am extremely excited about joining the group Chubby Cherubs http://sahp.meetup.com/82/ today. It is over 300 stay at home Mothers and their children. 3-4 times a week they have play dates, family events, or field trips. Our calendar is already filled up with activities in the next couple of weeks. (because obviously I didn't have enough to do) I am already planning my "spooky dish" for the Halloween party! So fun. I was asked to join sometime back and actually just never got around to doing it. Hewy reminded me of it last night so I made it top priority and got it done. Thanks Hewy!

I am debating taking the children to Disney on Ice, .................again. I know that the show is different every year, but after 6 years maybe we should take a break? We just did High School Musical on Ice a couple of months ago. I really want to go to the circus this year since we have taken a 3 years off from it. That is just around the corner. Olivia wants to go see the Rockettes in December, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is in Dec as well. We are also going to the Nutcracker Ballet and 2 plays. I think we might be better off missing the Ice show this time.

We are all missing Chief and GrandMaMa terribly! Orren called them and pushed the buttons on Mother and Daddy's voice mail in such a sequence it froze it up. The phone co. told Mother they had never seen such and really were not sure what to do. After a lot of "tech" attempts they finally figured out how to fix what the 16 month old did. Mother says he must work on his calling skills for next time.

I think we will be ready for those White House Dinners in no time! Maybe he thought mashed potatoes were what Santa used.

We are fully walking and rarely crawl, so ummm I never sit down. Ever! His Dr was very amused at all of his tricks. She asked if he knew what a doggie said. I laughed and said why don't you ask him. She said does a puppy say woof woof. I said Not in our house. She said does a puppy say (insert barking noise). Not at our house. Confused she said what in the world does a puppy say? Orren? He panted. I swear I thought the Dr was going to fall out in the floor. She is sending us to an allergist to find out what the allergy is because he definitely has a food allergy, but all of the GI blood work was negative. So HERE WE GO AGAIN!He was 95th % for his height and 75th % for his weight

Olivia playing on the computer with Huckleberry

Olivia is doing super and is loving this routine of Daddy taking them out every evening to ride the scooter and wagon. I love it to, I get just a few moments of Mommy time. Granted it is usually spent cleaning up the dinner aftermath, but I will take it!

Well, Roll Tide! Get ready to take down Georgia.

1 comment:

jennifer said...

My kiddo would have been so afraid of the Oz characters at that age. I love it that you have a Huckleberry hound!!! That is great.
Bless his little heart with the food allergies. I am sorry he is having to go through figuring out what it is. 95 and 75 %! He is a big boy!!

Y'all have a great weekend and ROLL TIDE!