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What time I am afraid I will trust in thee
Psalm 56:3

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

updates & activities

OK so here is an update:

~GiGi will be moved, tomorrow into a nursing home. Willow Creek just outside of Jackson. This is truly an answered prayer. She will be frightened as she often is, but this is best for her.

~Kayla, my cousin quit breathing two times over the weekend and her husband had to perform CPR on her. They are going to run some more tests tomorrow to try and figure out why. She has a little girl, Riley Claire who turned one on July 4.

~ Joe's mother fell down a flight of stairs and after much concern seems fine just nursing a foot. We are so thankful she did not break her hip. That was a major fear.

We are thankful that our Heavenly Father is with us and gives us the strength we need to face this wave of trials. They are all in our prayers and we ask that they be in yours as well.
Things are slowly getting back to normal here after such a disruptive weekend!
We had dinner with our sweet friends Bruce and Donna. Donna fixed such a wonderful roast and carrots, potatoes, and peach cobbler for us. It was so very kind of them to do that.
What great fellowship with friends!

We took the children to the park and had so much fun. Orren did not want to share the swings and Olivia climbed on everything. On the way home we rescued a turtle from the street. When we discovered that it only had 3 legs Olivia insisted we "save" it by bringing it home. So Joe held the turtle while I drove home from the Parkway (Old Cahaba residents know exactly where I am talking about) We released him into our backyard where Huckleberry spent the next 45 minutes baying at him. Until he wore himself out and fell asleep. Of course the next morning he was gone and Olivia had some sadness, but we assured her that he is with his turtle family and well. So if any of you in the area find a 3 legged box turtle, please be kind to him, for that is Yurtle our friend the turtle. We then pulled out the bubbles and spent the evening blowing our troubles away with the children.

Orren is walking everywhere and we can hardly keep up. He is so proud of himself when he is taking those wobbly steps. He laughs and grins ear to ear! Wait until I post the video of him with POP ROCKS. He is hysterical!

We send best wishes & prayers to our friend Julie, her Grandfather had a heart attack over the weekend and is in ICU.

Oh, I almost forgot that Saturday morning Joe took the children to Home Depot for the "kids workshop" They made the cutest wooden football goal posts! They had the best time and it was great for them to do while Mommy was away and taking care of some things. The next workshop they will make a firetruck whistle. They are so excited. Each child gets a "child sized" Home Depot apron (to keep) and a pin to put on it for each workshop they attend. It is a great Daddy activity! (Mommy is going to enjoy these little outings as well. All alone!)
Check out your local Home Depot for dates and times.

We are again so thankful to all of you for your prayers and thoughts. We will keep you posted hopefully without being too much of a downer!
Have a great night!

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