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Friday, September 12, 2008

What have you eaten lately?

I got this from Leigh @ http://lbratina.blogspot.com/ she is a blog I love to follow! I had to play. You can play along too:
1) Copy this list onto your blog or email, including these instructions.
2) Mark the items you’ve eaten with a "+".
3) Let us know when you've posted the list, so we can compare!
4) Have fun!
1. Venison + (my Daddy used to be a Big hunter)
2. Nettle tea + (@ the spa, it is great for your allergies)
3. Steak tartare + (The best way to eat it)
4. Alligator + ( I did grow up in New Orleans. Fried Gator on a stick. Tastes like chicken!)
5. Black pudding No (do you know what that is? YUCK!)
6. Raclette + ( not sure there is a cheese I haven't tried)
7. Natto NO
8. Carp + ( I caught one when I was 5 and made my Mother cook it!)
9. Borscht NO
10. Baba ghanoush + ( eggplants and Tahini, Yummy! We eat more Middle Eastern Food than we used to, Salah's influence. We love you Uncle Salah!)
11. Calamari + ( Joe's sister thought they were very good little onion rings. Love you Christy)
12. Pho No
13. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich + ( My Daddy still makes the best!)
14. Allo gobi + (Cauliflower and potatoes sticks to your ribs)
15. Dirty water dogs from a street cart + (yes, I love the push cart hot dogs! They are the best NONE better than a Lucky Dog in New Orleans)
16. Epoisses de Bourgogne + ( love stinky French cheeses!)
17. Black truffle NO
18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes + ( blueberry, apple, muscadine & pear)
19. Steamed pork buns NO
20. Green tea ice cream NO
21. Ugli fruit +( I will eat any kind of citrus)
22. Fresh, wild berries + (Yes, of course I love to pick fresh strawberries and blueberries)
23. Foie gras + ( my Mother and her pate. We have been eating it since we were little, My children to)
24. Gumbo + ( We did cover that I grew up in New Orleans right?)
25. Head cheese + ( EWWWWW! I did try it it was awful!)
26. Raw habanero + (I am an idiot what can I say. I used to do anything on a dare!)
27. Dulce de leche + ( LOVE IT!!! ONE OF MY FAVES!!! I am so fond of caramel)
28. Raw oysters + (Love the oyster shooters with my Daddy and brother! My Mother's are the best!)
29. Baklava + (I recently turned Olivia on to it,now she asks for it all the time)
30. Bagna cauda + ( not real fond of it. think it is the anchovies eww)
31. Wasabi peas + (love them, love sushi. SOME sushi)
32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl (+ Yummy, getting about that time to!)
33. Salted lassi NO
34. Kim chee NO
35. Kangaroo NO
36. Cognac + ( Not a fan)
37. Clotted cream + (Yes, best in the morning on a scone. Oh, be still my tummy rumble)
38. Jello shots + ( Shana will remember these well on my 21st Birthday! 69 total)
39. Buttermilk straight + ( again wasn't a fave)
40. Oxtail + ( we had oxtail soup for New Years @ Chateau Elan, it was very good)
41. Curried goat NO
42. Insects NO, NO, & NO
43. Phaal NO
44. Goat's milk + ( Not a fave)
45. Whiskey that cost more than $200 a bottle + ( My Daddy)
46. Fugu NO ( isn't that poisonous?)
47. Chicken tikka masala NO
48. Eel NO ( most likely never going to)
49. Warm Krispy Kreme original glazed donut + (Yes, oooo wonder if the "Hot' sign is on?)
50. Sea urchin roe NO


Leigh said...

What is black pudding?
Raclette- Ithought there wasnt a cheese I hadnt eaten. This one I havent heard of. Was it good?
Is Allo gobi an Indian food? My sis in law is Indian and makes something that is califlower and potatoes that I simply cannot eat enough of it is so good. Maybe it is the same thing-if so I have leanrned something.
Epoisses de Bourgogne-another cheese I am unfamiliar with...
I have mande many pots of gumbo, but being a vegetarian I havent eaten it.
I do not classify headcheese as a cheese. NASTY. Again,I am a vegetarian.
Oh, I lied on this one-Dulce de leche-I have eaten it. I cannot rememeber how I answered.
Girl! I am impressed. You are brave.

Tammy said...

The original poster considered raclette as the meal where the special cheese (later called raclette cheese) is melted and poured over boiled potatoes, often together will cornichons, pickled onions and other vegetables. These days little raclette grills exist where each guest has a raclette pan to create their own ideal combination of ingredients. Enormous fun for a dinner party!

Bama Belle said...

I had actually answered this on Leigh's blog yesterday. Then when I saw Tammy's post here from last night, it occured to me that I shold have answered it here as well so here is that exact same comment from Leigh's.

Raclette is very good. It is served warmed or melted actually. It is very smooth and reminds me a lot of brie. Not that they taste the same so much as just the texture I guess

Allo gobi is middle Eastern or Indian I cannot remember honestly. But either way I bet it is what your S I L makes. They often run hand in hand. It is very good. I can make myself sick eating it.

You can make a vegetarian Gumbo, I have some recipes if you want them.

Black pudding is an English blood sausage. They cook the blood filler until it turns black and then make the sausage with it. I swear there is nothing nastier!
As far as my being brave, don't know so much about that.
My parents travel all over the world and as children they took us or brought back things for us to try. It was important to them that we be exposed to many places, foods, and cultures. It was a fun thing to do! Thanks for posting it.

jennifer said...

There were things on the list that I didn't even know what they were! I am such a picky eater, this quiz would be one NO after another.

A good one for me would be

Chick Filet? Yes
McDonald's? Yes
Burger King? Yes
Taco Bell? Yes
Zaxby's? Yes

Pathetic really...