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What time I am afraid I will trust in thee
Psalm 56:3

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taking a moment to remember, celebrate & breathe!

It is Patriot Day!
Do you remember where you were 7 years ago? I was holding my 2 (almost 3) year old on my lap as we watched the second plane fly into the second building. We sat on the floor in our living room just like that for hours, just watching. I was on the phone with my Mother the entire time. When the towers fell Olivia gasped and I held her tight.
My Father had been on a plane & Joe's office is just down the street from the airport. I was uncertain of the future of this innocent child that I held. I knew not what to do but pray. Our Holy Father was with us then and is with us today as well.

Good Morning!

Things are settling down for us. Thank goodness.

This is a picture Chief sent me just before everything got crazy. In all the chaos I did not get to post it. Mother is so talented. Every moment is an event at their house.

We missed the reception at the Shelby County Republican Headquarters on Tuesday night. It was the Grand Opening. We were disappointed, but with everything going on we just couldn't make it. I wanted to let everyone know it is open and needs volunteers. If anyone is interested send me an email and I will give you the contact info. I am volunteering two nights next week.

The Greek Food festival started today and I am taking the children this afternoon. I love this festival. OK so I love any festival. I think it is all those years in New Orleans. There was a festival every weekend!

The 2008 Birmingham Greek Food Festival will take place September 11th through the 13th. The Festival opens daily at 10:30 A.M. and lasts until 10:00 P.M

Holy Trinity - Holy Cross Cathedral307 19th St. S.; Birmingham, AL 35233Phone: 205-716-3080 / Fax: 205-716-3085

Mother is on the road and heading home. GiGi is settled in her new home and it will just be a long process from here. Daddy's days of bachelorhood are drawing to a close. It was fun talking to him as often as I did while he was "home alone" I hope he won't mind if I still call him an "check in" even though he won't need me anymore.

Olivia had a spelling test today she got a 100! I am so proud of her. She is doing super with her schoolwork this year. She is growing into such a lady. She is my princess. I could not have asked for a more perfect little girl.

Orren, he is just Orren. Little boy through and through. I adore him. His Daddy said I have to stop with the John John suits. I said when he was four, until then we are wearing them.
Michelle, shhhhhh I know you are on Joe's side.

We are having "game night" tonight. I hope the children don't pick the Disney scene it........ again! We have "seen" it all I want. How old do they have to be before game night can include spades? LOL
Ya'll have a good night.
Our prayers are with Texas and we hope that all are safe!

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