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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birthday party, campouts, and football

We had such a great time @ Andy's birthday party today! Margaret once again out did herself and the party was phenomenal. The face painting was amazing and the children had so much fun making their own tie-dye shirts. Olivia purple and Orren green of course!

Orren thought he was just as big as the rest of the children today. He walked around & refused the stroller. He ate a corn dog off the stick and would not drink from his straw cup, he wanted to drink right out of the bottle like the rest of them (crayola waters, my children LOVE those and they have been a big fave around here for a while). He sat at the play table and played play dough, and painted. He was adorable in his Alabama overalls running around. We kept him in them all day.

Olivia had the most beautiful face painting done and some very cool hair!

Olivia and the lady who did the face painting.

She and Joey were really good "big kids" today with all the little guys. She was so tickled that Andy was so excited about the gift she and Orren gave him.

Time constraints with the party and nap time kept us from making the grape stomp this year. It is OK , we have been every year for several years now and once isn't going to kill us. We might still make the grape stomp at the Biltmore before the season is over.

Joe and the children are "camping out" in the backyard tonight. They have the tent set up, snacks and the TV in there with them! I am piled in our bed with a glass of champagne and chic flicks galore! I will meet Joe at the door in the morning with coffee and croissants. He is such a good Daddy. Olivia looks forward to "camping out" every fall and spring! I think she likes the s'mores and roasted hot dogs most of all. Regardless, Joe is willing and without complaint. Now they have another camper! Huckleberry used to camp with them, but he has decided it is better inside with Mommy. I might even let him sleep on he bed tonight. SHHHHH!

I think I can catch this bubble.

What's your name? (Orren talking to "Newt" our garden gnome)

Alabama game was awesome and the boys looked so good! This is going to be a great season.

Roll Tide!
As you most likely guessed, I have pictures off the camera. I will be posting them over the coming days.


jennifer said...

ROLL TIDE INDEED! Didn't they look good? We watched a bunch of college football and it was an all round fun weekend.

I LOVE to paint faces but my skills are no where NEAR on par with Olivia's. But it is fun to see the kiddo's faces when you put something cute on their cheek!

This was a great post!

Leigh said...

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly wanted to attend the grape stomp too but there wasnt enough time int the weekend....and my MIL wanted to tke the kids to the disgusting fiar for her birthday-DANG IT! NExt year I am telling her it is Harpersville all the way!

Leigh said...