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Friday, December 19, 2008

Show and Tell

For those of you that don't know Mardi Gras begins 12 days after CHRISTmas and ends the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is one of the traditions I miss most about New Orleans. It isn't at all for the reasons you might imagine (although those are fun as well). I miss the history and pageantry of it all. The prestige of belonging to a Krew or royal court. And KING cakes! I am able to order them every year and I called today to get on the list! So that Jan. 7th we will be feasting on this

From the BEST bakery in New Orleans! I cannot disclose this info on here as it is a "locals" secret and if they get too busy how will I get MY king cakes? LOL if you want to know send me an email and I will give up the goods. LOL Bobby V. don't get sarcastic on the comments and give it up!

It must be filled with cream cheese! Although there are a lot of flavors that others prefer.

So, as I am longing for the smell of crawfish boiling and beignets( Cafe Du Monde of course) I thought I would share with you some of my favorites from The Big Easy!

LaMadeleine~ Eve and I used to eat here at least once a week! This is where my passion and weakness for quiche (of any kind) was born. That and my Mother can bake ones that make your mouth water. Michelle knows, she and I ate an entire quiche mother left for our girl's weekend in 2 days!

Gambino's Bakery ~ My Mother's Birthday cake had to come from here every year, their famous Chocolate Doberge Cake. They are world famous for it! They do King Cakes here as well, but not like the .. ahem "other" bakery. You might want to order one from here though. LOL!

Five Happiness Chinese~ we used to go here after speech tournaments

Port of Call~ The Best Hamburger EVER!

Brennan's~ best Banana's Foster in the world. My parents took me here for brunch on my 18th birthday, followed by a day of beauty in the salon of Saks Fifth Avenue

Andrea's~ Chef Andrea made the night of my 18th birthday the best ever! Being a personal friend he made crab meat ravioli just for me. If you ever get to go make sure you order it. You won't find it on the menu!

Commander's Palace~ Finest dining you can have! My Daddy used to take us there for a night out. I always felt like a princess

Haydell's Bakery~ another really good bakery and delicious King cakes, I think you should all order them from here! heeheee

My list could go on and on forever, so I will stop for now. Keep these in your caps for your next trip to The Big Easy! Just swing by and pick me OK?


jennifer said...

My kids get a day out of school for Mardi Gras. The King cake looks DEEEE-lish!

There is a Gambino's Italian restaurant in Fairhope. Wonder if it is the same family as the bakery Gambinos?

Take Care!


Bama Belle said...

Could be I am not sure but Mother would be thrilled as she could still get her cake!