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Psalm 56:3

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Monday, December 15, 2008

We got our CHRISTmas card from Scotland!

As I have mentioned before Scotland is hosting a huge "homecoming" in 2009. It is called The Gathering. It is so exciting! They have called all of the clans home and have huge events planned in celebration. We got our CHRISTmas card today.

We also got our t-shirts in a couple of weeks ago. They are such a pretty purple ( Olivia's signature color) and the logo is a sparkly gold.

it has The Gathering logo on the back

I have worn it out of the house two times and both times I was questioned about it extensively. Olivia wore hers and complete strangers stopped her. I am now having second thoughts about our wearing it around.

Orren is doing well today. We are counting down the days to get the drain out. Two more to go!

The children have been playing in a wardrobe box. They have turned it into a "fort" complete with lanterns and a welcome mat (drawn on with crayon of course).

I live to hear those giggles, songs, and fantastical stories. Do you think it spells trouble that at 18 months Orren has a fascination with swords? They play "Narnia" and even though Orren doesn't understand all of what is happening he has perfected the sword stuff. That and he loves when they play Peter Pan to eat "never food"

This is what the children are reading this week:

(click the pictures for the links)

Orren ~

This one is really cute because as you turn the page each disciple that you read about comes off and it gets fewer and fewer until you are left with the last disciple James.

Olivia is reading this: it is about purity and innocence. Waiting for your husband. It has the most precious prayer:

My Princess Prayer
Dear Heavenly Father, I want to be beautiful in my spirit so that everyone around me will know that You live in my heart. Give me the wisdom I need to make the right choices in what I wear, how I act, and what I do. I want Your lasting beauty. Amen.

They have a version of this for boys as well. We are not quite ready for it so we will keep it put away until time.I guess that does it for today, be well and may God bless each of you!
Merry CHRISTmas!

1 comment:

Leigh said...

Glad Orren is on the mend.

I love the shirts! Are you going to Scotland? When? Cool! My has Scot on bith sides of my family.

I have never heard of these books. So going to get both editions. Thanks!