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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The "write up"

I cannot thank all of you enough for your kind words about the Christening table. I am truly moved by them. Thank you so very much!
I had so many emails and questions about Orren's Christening That I thought I would share "the write up" about the day's events! It gives a little more detail about what was served and how different things came to be.
Hope Y'all are having a great weekend!

Joe and Jessica Breland, of Helena, Alabama, were the proud parents of Olivia now nine years old and always felt their family was complete. This was not the case. On June 20, 2007, at St. Vincent's Hospital, after a difficult pregnancy and a terrible car accident, a new little Breland arrived. Weighing in at 8 lbs 12 oz. He was early, but everyone was fine including his GrandMaMa who was also in the accident. With many sighs of relief and prayers answered, they welcomed Orren Montgomery Breland into the family.
So when it was time for Orren's baptism, the day became a way to focus on the many blessings, family and friends. A day for celebrating this wonderful and precious new life. Orren's godparents are Jessica's brother Jarrod and sister-in-law Katy Holmes who live in North Carolina. Both, as most young couples are, extremely busy. Jarrod is an executive with the Boy Scouts of America and Katy is in veterinarian school at North Carolina State University. The church schedule was nearing the busy holiday season, so finding a date became quite the ordeal. But, after much adjusting, juggling, and numerous phone calls, the date of November 4th was set. So now the women in Orren's new little life could set out to do what southern women do best...plan!
Guest list, menu, place, invitations and of course wardrobe. The Christening gown must be gotten out of storage. Last worn by his sister Olivia, it had lovingly been packed away in anticipation for the next precious one. There had been no others. Orren would be the next.
The invitations were made from a late night photograph taken while Orren was sleeping and all others should have been.
The ceremony would be held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Homewood, Alabama where the Brelands attend church. The Reverend Andy Wolfe would be conducting the baptism.
The cake was specially designed and ordered, invitations mailed and all family and friends began calling. They would arrive from North Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana and of course all over Alabama.
Greetings and well wishes were received from Governor and Mrs Riley, President and Mrs. Bush and from Orren's "special aunt" Kay Ivey, Alabama's State Treasurer. And the Mayor of Helena Sonny Penhale.
The menu consisted of family favorites, which always includes a cake from Edgar's Bakery. Jessica had chosen Wedgwood blue and white to use as her color scheme and of course Edgar's had just the cake! Wedgwood blue with white lambs and polka dots all around topped with a big white edible bow. To accommodate the children who would be attending, Wedgwood blue cupcakes with Orren's monogram in white were ordered from Publix bakery. To complete the menu there were BLT and homemade pimento cheese finger sandwiches, cream filled strawberries, fresh crab meat from the gulf with remoulade sauce, garlic grits topped with GrandMaMa’s original recipe for queso shrimp. Pineapple punch was served to the little ones while the adults gathered in the living room to hear champagne toasts offered by his Uncle Jarrod Holmes, his Aunt Christy Mullins and close family friend Bob Thomas. Bob and his wife Jo spend a great deal of their time working with and serving as sponsors for the Children of the American Revolution. They are so dedicated to the CAR that they had Orren's papers typed and ready before he was born. Once they had a birth date and a social security number, the papers were on their way to Washington, D.C. Orren was eleven days old. Olivia has been a member for several years. His mother and grandmother are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. It is a family affair. But then, that's what this whole day was about...celebrating family and one special new addition to this very grateful and blessed family. Welcome Orren Montgomery Breland!

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Justin and Emily Horn said...

wow... what a touching story... I am so happy that sweet little Orren is here! Isn't it funny how God knows what we need more than we do?!?!? :)