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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gameday; food; and recipes


Are you ready for some footbal
WHOO HOO!! We are so excited it is time for the Super Bowl!! Kick off is appox. 5:30 our time.
We have tons of food and are ready to watch
some football!
Make sure you have your 3D glasses for the
"monstrous event" during the Superbowl. You can go here to find out where to get them and more details. We picked ours up last week and we are very excited!

Our game day menu includes:

Beer Cheese soup
sausage cheese balls
spicy pretzels
crab dip
stuffed mushrooms
cru de tete
feta cheeseburgers
cocktail sausages
Baby back ribs
boiled peanuts
football cake

What about you? What is your favorite game day food?


HotRod said...

Huh? I thought Bama's season was over. Is this the National Championship game? ROLL TIDE!

Bama Belle said...

LOL Hotrod, we love football no matter who; what; when; where. Of course we would PREFER to be watching the Tide, but this will have to do today. Come have a burger with us

♥Trina♥ said...

I like your menu a whole lot better than mine. We're just doing snacks.

I LOVE football, and I am a HUGE, HUGE Bama fan. I love it when I find other females who love football as much as I do. I've been ridiculed and called a "man-wife" because I'd rather watch football than shop. (It was my hubby's ex-wife who did this on her blog. I just laughed.)

I'm pulling for the Steelers today because there are more former Bama players on their roster. LOL

Bama Belle said...

Trina, we are pulling for them as well! Remember, all TRUE southern Belles adore football! Don't worry about the "ex" she isn't around anymore for a reason! Be blessed!

Paige said...

Your menu looks MUCH better than what we are eating... Cajun Boiled peanuts (from Burris Market, so yummy!) Homemade Sloppy Joe's, Nachos & The Pioneer Woman's Cheesy Olive Bread. For dessert we are having leftover cake & ice cream from Eli's party. Go Cardinals!

jennifer said...

We are so bad. Our family is not watching. The girls and their Dad are out on the back deck watching The Mummy and the boy and I are watching Finneus and Ferb.

Girl, I don't even know who is playing!! I am a Bama Fan and that's about it!!

I hope you all enjoy your game food and that your team wins!

LauraBeth said...

I'm for the red people because Karlos Dansby likes my cookin'. I met him his senior year at Auburn and he was super-nice, as was his family. I think he's found a fan for life, that is, until he plays whoever Fernando Bryant plays for cuz he used to be my neighbor and let me babysit his dog.

Leigh said...

Where was my invite? Surely I could have helped...with the eatting? YUM!