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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape Thursday
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Between Naps On the Porch

For this edition I am showing the reception at our home for my son's Christening.

Shot of the cake from Edgar's Bakery
blue gingham to compliment the cake

Monogrammed cupcakes to go with the cake

quiche, stuffed strawberries, pimento cheese finger sandwiches, we also had shrimp and grits!

Better shot of the cupcakes and cakespunch table with greetings from
President George W. Bush,
Gov. Bob Riley,
Mayor Sonny Penhale


ceekay said...

Very pretty. I like how you make the different levels on the table and the little cake is precious.

Leigh said...

WHat a great tablescape, Jessica! I love it.

LauraBeth said...

Love, LOVE it! Nothing says "boy baby" like light blue gingham!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

What a fabulous cake and I adore the cupcakes with the monogram. Looks delicious!

Belinda said...

Oh, look at the little sheep on that beautiful cake! And the monogrammed cupcakes...so cute! I love your table, set for a special day in your little son's life. :-)

Melissa Wertz said...

Did all the goodies come from Edgars or did some come from "Miss RoseMarie's"? Pretty table! Roll Tide!

Bama Belle said...

Thank all of you so very much! I adore that you took the time to comment, you are precious to do so. This was a great day for my family and a lot of fun!

Ceekay~ I knew instantly that was the cake!
Leigh~ Thank you dear friend
LauraBeth~ I love gingham anything! Any excuse to use it LOL
Kathy~ being a southern belle you know it isn't a party without a monogram LOL
Belinda~ You are kind to say. It was a special day
Melissa~ The cake came from Edgar's and the cupcakes from Publix. My Mother and I made everything else and the table. I am not familiar with Miss RoseMarie's where is that?
Thank You so much for your kind words and for stopping in to visit!

Bama Belle said...

Melissa I googled Miss RoseMarie's I had no idea that we still had a tea room in the area.The only one I knew about was out 280 at the white house. Thanks for the info. We are very excited!! I am taking Olivia very soon!!!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hello! It's so nice to meet you! I am enjoying visitng with you. I love the cake with the little sheep. How adorable! Everything is so lovely. What a wonderful and memorable reception it must have been! May God bless and favor your little one always!

Cass said...

How beautiful! The cake with the sheep is so charming, but I am especially enamored of those cupcakes; very darling. What a wonderful buffet for your lucky guests.

Too bad your son won't remember it. Good thing you took pictures. :-)

I've got a giveaway on my blog today if you'd like to visit. Thanks for sharing your lovely party pictures.

ellen b said...

Oh how very lovely everything is. The cake and the cupcakes are fabulous. Love the gingham!

Wendy said...

What a lovely reception! Everything says sweet baby boy! I just love all of it!
Warm regards,

Sis. Elizabeth said...

I am a nun at the Poor Clare Sisters Monastery in Curry, AL, so my contact with those outside our gates is limited to the weeks it’s my turn to drive into Jasper for brandy and other provisions. I know the stereotypical nun is one who runs a Catholic school, and though I haven’t seen it, I understand that new movie “Doubt” has worsened our image even worse. But in all honesty, we do serve as a makeshift, not-yet-licensed foster home for children from the area, many of whom have parents dependent on drugs–really children themselves. Sometimes grandparents are able to take temporary custody for a while, but mobile homes usually have only three bedrooms at best. Assuming each child starts at 17 and has one baby every year or two, well you can do the math.

Mrs. Breland, as your blog is the greatest evidence I’ve seen to date that a woman should have interests outside the home, and since parenting is obviously a sacred responsibility you take very seriously, I have a proposition. If you could consider becoming a foster family to one or more of these children (many are siblings and still more are cousins), I know the education they could derive from schools in the Birmingham area would do them a world of good. I can see by your tablescapes you’re a woman possessed of both a Christian spirit as well as a shabby-chic flair. No pressure, I’m just planting a seed. I understand your husband would ultimately have to approve any enterprises outside the home, as it should be. But if you’re interested, with his approval, I’d be happy to provide contact information for resources to get you started in Birmingham.

Also, I see from your sprawling blog, that your Protestant church in Birmingham is observing Lent this year. As a life-long Catholic, I welcome all practicing Christians (at the monastery, we jokingly call you all ashy-come-lately’s) and their need for tactile observances to resuscitate their faith. Could I make a suggestion for next year’s Lent? This is based on all the Lenten periods I remember from my childhood. Fat Tuesday (or Mardi Gras, as I believe it’s known on plantations) generally consisted of me and my sisters hiding beneath the dining room table waiting for our drunken extended family to either pass out or stumble out to their cars and go home, so I won’t mention that part, but Ash Wednesday morning was always special. I remember it was usually very cold, of course, and we had to go to Mass before school, so my mom would have the four of us up before sun-up. This was in the days before Vatican II, so instead of merely eating fish on Friday, we observed 40-plus days of fasting in the true sense (one meal a day, no meat). The Church doesn’t call for the sick, elderly, or those younger than 14 to observe fast, for reasons that should be obvious. But my pious mother enforced fast in our house from the time of our first Communion, around age 7. After the fourth or fifth day, that soul-crushing hunger has crushed your soul, leaving your eyes open to new spiritual experiences—that is, when your peripheral vision isn’t blocked out from low blood sugar. And, praise God and with Mary’s protection, only two of us later developed eating disorders. As for “giving up” something for Lent, our well-meaning mother decided this for us when we were children. One year it was our winter coats. I think, my favorite year, we had to sleep on the floor for 6 weeks. Ah, now that was a good Lent. I can’t tell you the insights I gained. I hope I haven’t taken up to much of your time, Mrs. Breland, but these new Lenten observances among Protestants really bring back memories of authentic ones.

Susan said...

Running late this week visiting blogs....again...
Hope you had a great Tablescape Thursday

Chandy said...

Wow, that cross next to that awesome cake is just gorgeous! Your buffet table is so darling! I love it.

Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

Linda said...

Lovely setting for a special event, blessings, thanks for sharing with us.
Linda Q

jennifer said...

I adore gingam and that shade of blue and white is one of my favorite color combinations. Stunning table scapes!!

Elaine said...

This looks so lovely and fresh! Very nice display!

Dream Mom said...

Love the sheep on the cake and the monogram cupcakes. This is truly a special little table. The blue and white ginham tie it all together. I can't say enough how much I love this. My "little" boy is 17 now and I miss these days!

Paige said...

GORGEOUS!!!! You just amaze me. I vote for a "Finger Food Friday." I would love to see how you made this fabulous looking food.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

really cute! Love the cupcakes and cake!

susan said...

This looks as if it was just perfect for such a special occasion. The cake and the blue and white gingham are beautiful together!