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Psalm 56:3

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pirate or Ninja?

I will post more later, just had to get this posted. Joe and I are cracking up! Thanks Laura Beth! Love ya, girl!
So that brings me to this question for all of you out there..........

Are you,

Pirate or Ninja?


Leigh said...

I love that! How adoreable! I am such a pirate...but I bet ya would've guessed that. "The seas in my veins".

jennifer said...

Little known fact about me... I am a yellow belt in Tae Kwan Do. I could break card board with my bare hands.

So since I am one belt up from NOTHING, I guess that makes me a Ninja. Hiiiiii - YAH!

jennifer said...

And um, excuse me for saying, but you make a dead sexy pirate!

Bama Belle said...

Leigh~ I figured as much for you! : )

Jennifer~ Thanks Jen! I am a 1st degree black belt and I was on the National blk belt team under Master Chung. So, I guess I am part Ninja to!

Leigh said...

"Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!" Ok, I see a potential money making idea int eh making here. I can sell tickets, pop some corn and let the kids walk around with cigerette style boxes selling the corn, you two can battle. We'll split 3 ways, wadda ya say?