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Psalm 56:3

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rainy days, new discoveries an movies

We had a dreary day today and the children are piled up in our room to brace for a long night of storms. It is just easier on nights we know storms are coming to just make pallets and let them sleep on our floor.

Orren discovered that there is water in those big white things everyone is always sitting on. Yea, good times. It is just the right height for him to play with his boats. And guess what? Twizzlers (you know the ones that are starting to fill the enormous bowl of trick or treat candy along with m&m's etc) anyway, Twizzlers float! Who knew? BUT flashlights left out from the camp out..... do not like the water. oh, and just FYI a 15 month old's arm can and will get stuck in that little hole at the bottom. They don't like that AT ALL! All of this can happen in the time it takes you to put on a load of laundry, even though you thought everyone was watching shushy bye and drinking a sippy cup. Oh yea, our sippy cup count............. is now down by one.

Mother and Daddy got to spend some time with GiGi over the weekend. No real change and she doesn't understand not getting to go "home" I think that is going to be the toughest part of this journey. Please pray over that.


I had such an amazing weekend and I was so thrilled to finally get Salah and Michelle in P F Changs. They liked it and everyone had a great time. Orren ate almost an entire order of green beans by himself! The Great Wall of Chocolate(2) we got to finish off the meal was soooooooooo good! Thank you again Salah and Michelle we really enjoyed it!

I got a really cute card from Clancy, my cousin. It said 29 again? I have heard of recycling but don't you think you are taking it too far? I was on the floor! Shana sent a really cute one as well that had Cruella on the front. Does this mean she thinks I am Cruella? LOL

We just finished watching The Happening by M. Knight Shaymalan (I know that isn't spelled correctly you will be alright I promise) DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! This was a seriously bad movie. I was shocked as I usually LOVE his movies.

So I have started Christmas shopping, have you?


Leigh said...

What is the white thing? I missed it?
Email me, there are a few Al related things I have thought to send you.
Glad your bday went well! Sounds like a nice supper.
Gigi is a doll.
I start Xmas shopping in August (unless I see a steal before). I have to have it doen by Thanksgiving. I hate crowds. The mood would be very differnt if I had to fight the crowds instea dof sit at home baking with my kids.
I love Christmas!

msbossypants said...

I am not a big Christmas person, but I do like giving unique gifts that don't break the bank. On Etsy.com, there's a guy who makes jewelry out of recycled soda cans. We ordered one for my daughter's kindergarten teacher, who loves diet Coke. He cuts the can into heart-shaped pieces and backs them with a hard foam, then makes them into bracelets. I think we will order more. I *love* them and hope Zoe tells her daddy that I want the Dr Pepper earrings!