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Monday, October 27, 2008

Boo At The Zoo

I will have pictures of everything up by the end of the week.
Wow, yesterday was so exhausting and yet lots of fun. Michelle, Salah and the boys joined us to start the day at the Hillsboro Fall Festival. Let me just say again this was an amazing little festival. The children all won stuffed animals that were bigger than they were! Olivia won a dinosaur and HUGE puppy dog. Orren won a Saber Tooth tiger and a puppy dog (OK so I won the tiger and Joe the dog, but HE won it lol) We stuffed ourselves on hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones and drinks. ALL of this food, games, jump thingies ALL of it is complimentary and that is so generous of the folks there! Here is the link to pictures of "our house". I just LOVE this house. If they had been built when we were in the market this would so be where we live. Do I really want to move now? ummmm no!

I saw Hewy and his family. They are such awesome people I love getting to visit with them whenever I can.

Then we were off to Boo at the Zoo I have done some research on Boo @ the Zoo at other major zoos across the country. Jackson, Baton Rouge, New Orleans (similar to ours), Montgomery. Ours is by far MUCH bigger and has MUCH more to offer. The only one in our area to rival it at all is the ZOO Atlanta it is a really good one as well. BUT the members of that zoo get free admission and we don't. For our family of four (paying for three) it was $51.00! That's not a typo folks. I was a little perturbed because as members, we should at least get a discount. NOPE!

The Planet of the Apes (in the primate house of course) Haunted House was a lot of fun. It was somewhat intense for the younger ones in our group and was the MAJOR contributor to the bedfellows we had last night. It was kind of funny to watch the little ones get "spooked" with out being terrified.

The children loved the ghastly carousel that went backwards. This is where things went downhill quickly for the Breland crew. After a brief visit to the car, things were back on track.

The Haunted hayride had been toned way down from previous years and Olivia was relieved as that has always been her fright!

You gotta love the fact that at the end of the roller coaster ride you go through the doors where is snows and Santa greets you holding a sign that says 63 days til Christmas! Thanks Santa.

On that note, we are looking forward to the zoolight safari which is in Dec. Here is the info:

"Zoolight Safari 2008December 12-14, 19-23 & 26-30 5-9 p.m. enjoy a fabulous night of lights, fun and holiday spirit as the Birmingham Zoo comes alive for 13 nights! It's the only place in Birmingham where it snows every night. Also, enjoy an expanded light show synchronized to all your favorite holiday tunes!
Be sure to stop at the Barn in the Children's Zoo for photo opportunities, animals and holiday crafts for all to enjoy. Ride the train (additional charge) to experience a winter wonderland. Enjoy half a million lights, holiday music and plenty of festive spirit. The Zoo will close at 4 pm every night of ZooLight Safari. "

well, at least members get to do that without extra admission.

If anyone wants to come and join us for the zoolight safari, come on we would LOVE to have you!

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Leigh said...

fun weekend, BB!