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What time I am afraid I will trust in thee
Psalm 56:3

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Countdown has begun!

This is our family condo
This is the view

The countdown has started! I will be on the beach in three days! No children, No hubbies, just the girls! I will miss the family and I am cooking so that they are left with sustenance. I am not too worried because they know where Pannera and PF Changs are. AND as you can see in the picture, he knows how to grill.

I hope all of you won't mind my absence for a few days. I will be back and posting on Sunday, with pictures. I have NEVER left my family alone in over 10 years. I sort of feel guilty, but not really! LOL

Not too much on tap today. It was mostly an art day. We have been working on art projects for Christmas and as "happies"for GiGi and other family far away. Wait until you see the peacocks that we made! I will post pictures AFTER they are sent off. They are so cute. I hope they will bring happiness to those we will be sending them to!

I had a wonderful conversation with Suzanne (my cousin's wife), today. We are beginning to work out the details of Thanksgiving. It was so much fun at their house last year. I think we are leaning that way again. That is great because Madison and surrounding area is FULL of our family and friends now. David and family, Clancy and family, Tracy and family, Shana and family, Aunt Jacque and family, GiGi. There are still some things to work out so we will see.

We want to see Joe's sister and Mother in Hattiesburg as well, so there are some details still.
Joe's sister Christy with Orren @ our house in Nov.

Speaking of, Nona and Pal are coming next weekend! Very exciting. It has been a year since Nona was here. She and Pal married in Feb so this will be the first time he has ever been to our house. (Joe's Father passed away 2002)

I am taking Joe on in a game of Rummy and getting ready to watch Christian Slater's new show, so I am done for now!

May the Lord, mighty God bless and keep you forever


Leigh said...

Dont feel guilty at all...we all need to have a get away. Aside from being someones mom and someones wife, recall who YOU are. Enjoy yourself and your time with girlfriends!

Bama Belle said...

Thanks Leigh!