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Psalm 56:3

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just go to Russia and then go 3 miles, DUH!

Today has been a great day and we have had so much fun! As it is coming to a close I had to share before I start to forget so many of those little things.

First thing this morning while we were cooking pancakes, Orren was up to his old tricks. In an effort to corral him Joe decided to make a barrier. Now keep in mind we have very wide openings and child gates don't come large enough for several of them. One of those is in between the formal dining room and the kitchen. So Joe got my laundry drying rack which expands and laid it on it's side. The openings were small but not small enough. In about 30 seconds Orren had ducked and weaved right through it. I died laughing and said try again Dad. Orren stuck his little head back through the slats and mimicked "try again Dad" and then took off. Joe and I could not help but laugh. Nothing like being outsmarted by the 15 month old.

As we sat down to have breakfast Olivia said our blessing. She had accidentally started eating before we were all seated and had given Thanks. We have had a couple of episodes like this so we reminded her again of how important it is to give Thanks to our Heavenly Father before we eat and that it is not polite to start before everyone else is seated. So her blessings went something like this.... "Thank you God for our family, house, and food. Be with our family far away. Tell your son Jesus that I love him and I am sorry for forgetting to say the blessing................again."

While watching a National Geographic documentary today Olivia said she wanted to see the monument to Balto and the sled race. I in my teaching voice said "Oh, darlin that is in Alaska and we won't be going there anytime soon." To which Olivia responded "Why not?" Very matter of fact I said that it was much too far. Olivia in the way that only a pre-teen can, said "All you do is go to Russia and then 3 miles." Hellooooooo! What was I thinking? Duhhh. Joe and I just looked at each other and thought well aren't we just the stupidest people on Earth.

At lunch today Orren did not want his pasta Alfredo. He very much wanted his sisters saltine crackers(she had the soup). After he was told no, he very slowly crawled his little hand across the table. Then slowly "walked" his fingers up her plate as fast as lighting snatched a cracker and shoved it in his mouth. He did get reprimanded but he also got a few crackers.

These children are truly the joy of my life!

I am going to get back to the family now, UNO is starting back up and I must defend my title!


Leigh said...

What fun! My kids have to be reminded the same thing about grace before the meal. I thought that was a sweet prayer! I hope you are feeling better!

jennifer said...

Aha! An UNO champion! I used to play that game with my grandmother.

She would cheat.... to let me win!