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Psalm 56:3

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Did you miss me?

In Mom and Daddy's backyard

I have returned to the Land of Nod! Did you miss me?

I missed the family and blogging, BUT I had a really good time!

Michelle and I got into Gulf Shores about 10:30 or so. The trip down was eventful enough. FUN but CRAZY! Sprinkled with panic attacks and near death experiences. Michelle tried to kill us more than once!

Then we stopped for gas and this car almost hit me! I said he almost hit me and Michelle informed me that it was a girl. I said NO WAY that is a dude! As we walked off Michelle said that is a g-i-r-l. I said well I think she can spell so perhaps we did not achieve the discretion we were after. This may have been one of those you had to be there situations but it was so funny.

When we got there Mother had done a beautiful basket of goodies with smoked tuna dip from Blalocks, strawberries, and champagne. She also had a quiche that she made waiting for us in the fridge so we had breakfast! We might as well have been on our own private beach because there were very few people there.

The Dolphins playing

We spent so much time on the balcony over looking the water. It was very cool if not just cold! So we drank lots of coffee, ate quiche and stayed under the blankets listening to the waves. We watched sting rays as the performed like ballerinas along the shore. Dolphins were playing and we even saw a shark! We literally sat there from 7:30 AM - 12:45 PM on Saturday. Then we decided to grab a bite to eat, so we went to Desoto's I had the shrimp and Michelle had the crab cake po'boy. After that we headed to Mother and Daddy's where we had chocolate martinis and watched Alabama "survive" Ole Miss

Then we stopped at "the shark" to look around and picked up some hush puppies and peel and eat shrimp at The Shrimp Basket We went back to the balcony and ate watching the moon and the stars over the ocean.

No one on the beach!

Sunday morning we got up and sat on the balcony AGAIN! had the last of the quiche and coffee. Finally we packed everything up, loaded the car and put our feet in the ocean one last time. We met Mother and Daddy for lunch at LULU's Daddy's treat! He had to spoil the girls. Michelle and I both got the Cheeseburger in paradise! YUMMMMMMMMM. Then we got our t-shirts and headed to Birmingham.

We took in a few stops here an there Priester's is always a must and we ate our way through the store!

I did not get to see Jen Dust bunny hostage even though I had high hopes to do so. Jen I got your message in the car on the way home when I charged my phone. So sorry, we WILL do it next time.

I came home to a banner the children had made for me that hung across the fireplace. It was so precious and said "welcome home Mommy" it had their hand prints and kisses all over it.

Seems as though my crew is sick and not feeling well, so today I am tending to all of them. Joe did teach the children how to make Orren's leap frog bus say "words" some of which we could have done without! It says the letter when you push it. Things I have heard o-k ....p-u....i-c-u....and my fave i-c-u-p (we don't allow that word in our house so the children think it is REALLY funny!) Gotta love time with Daddy!

I am so thankful to Joe and my family for letting me go, to my parents for everything and a great lunch! More pictures tomorrow!

On another note, those friends on facebook that have been following the changes since late last night...... I am OK Joe and the children are OK. There is a family issue we are dealing with. Thank you for your concern and I will try not to be so cryptic.


Leigh said...

Sounds delighful. Love the beach when I have it to myself! I feel as God in everything there.

jennifer said...

I am so glad that you had fun!! We will get together another time. Praise God for your safe and relaxing trip!

Be blessed!