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What time I am afraid I will trust in thee
Psalm 56:3

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yeah, I bloglifted this WHOLE thing! Pictures to

Missing the dust bunny

Coffee or tea?

Dusti is "bossy"
Mad skills

My buddies Laura and ... wait can I say?

Awesome ladies!! Love ya girls


The three that started it for me!

This is what Hewy had to say

The TOP 10 Things…

I was told this last night, that made me snort beer out of my nose:

10. Should I blog that the British are filming crazy teens in Helena?

9. More people should smoke pot at 2pm

8. Did you see the Crazy Lady's Shoes?

7. Old Fashion Country Lesbian type

6. Are you going to experiment?

5. Eye lashes can be permed.

4. I'm so blogging this

3. Don't say harem

2. Gum is like sex

1. Julio...its Me!

BTW: I hope I'm getting some photos

from skilled photographers emailed to me that make us all look

skinny and as if we are twenty years old...


This is what Leigh learned last night

1. Never trust anyone who plays a flute, or an oboe for that matter.
2.Editing a post, no matter how long it has been online for public viewing, is accepted.
3. Never name drop. Or use any real names for that matter. There are reasons people use alias, be it bitter divorces, nosey inlaws/outlaws, potential "black mailing" coworkers, and just poor taste/etiquette.
4. Bloggers can be the most supportive group of people you may ever meet---or not.
(We are praying for you and love you Brian!!!!)
5.Using the names Lindsey Lohan, French Maid, Paris Hilton or Hewy can give your blog a accelerated number of hits. I will now use these in every post I write. LOL.
6. The Helena Society of bloggers can also be referred to as a whole (by the public) as"No Sleep Party".
7. Spork, we have determined is really from Europe, not there's anything wrong with it.
8. In a public taste test, Margarita's are preferred to Coffee 6 to one.
9. After drinking Margarita's, it becomes hard to spell Margarita's.
10. (Hewy's observation)"How many Blogger does it take to drink abowl of margarita...ok six"
11. It is fun to prank people into thinking that you are old school chums.
12. Whip cream makes a better drink. I don't care what it is....coffee, or margarita's.
13. It really is smart to take notes on such occasions. Hewy, "the secretary", can provide far better commentary due to his diligent notes. I would really love to see the notes he was taking last night. I could use them in this post.
14. Bowling is something that should only be done after a margarita- for that is the only time I wouldn't worry about where the hand had been that was once in the ball. Did you follow that one?
15. Singing in public is perfectly acceptable in such meetings, but be warned it could be blogged about , photographed or even recorded. Everything is fair game, unless one declares "off the record". Then and only then, is one safe.
16. LOL means "Laughing out loud" not "lots of love".
17. Boogers (not bloggers), as weird as it sounds, came up as topic in both meetings.


HEWY said...

Where's you top ten quotes. I know you heard more than me.

It's funny how we heard two different things.

Leigh said...

Fun, fun times. I am still laughing!

jennifer said...

LOL and LOL (using both meanings).

I am SO glad that you had a good time!! The pics are wonderful although I don't recognize all of the folks in them. Just the ones that I Ado-ah!

I am posting a pic too :)

Dullbert said...

This may be a double comment ? not sure what happened. I always hesitate to comment because I worry about people thinking "who's this nutjob" it was fun ! I think if done again it will be more relaxed...