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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What the dust bunny said

This is what the Dust Bunny said about our blogging convention. It touched my heart. She is so precious and we hope to have her up here to visit soon!!

I don't know exactly when I found Hewy's blog but it was fairly early in my long and distinguished blogging career (about 10 months ago probably). I grew up in a town 20 minutes or so from the community that Hewy blogs about. I let him know that of course. And reading his blog about Helena, which is in Shelby County (the same county that I was born and raised in) made me feel closer to home.

Hewy loves all things Helena Alabama. That is what his blog is about - Helena! He blogs Helena events, about Helena businesses, and even the Helena police report. And his Blogroll is FULL of Helena bloggers.

Now one of the most flattering days of my blogging-life, was when Dullbert, another Helena blogger, left me a comment and told me that I had made Hewy's blogroll!! Y'all, that was HUGE to me. You understand it right? I felt like an honorary Helena-ite.

But Hewy isn't the only Helena blogger who is near and dear to my heart, no! I have other Helena bloggers that I have gotten to 'know', be it through their blog, email, telephone conversations, or Facebook. People that I call FRIEND.

There's Abbey of Abbey's Road who sends the most hysterical email messages and who blogs her deep love of the Lord. Miss Polly is precious and I have enjoyed getting to know her better through email. Dullbert has been a long time favorite blogger of mine. He makes me at the very least grin, and most of the time laugh right out loud. And there is Charnita who I had the PLEASURE of meeting in real life. Dusti is a Twilight *ahem* fan (loves it y'all), and Laura Beth is one of my newest Helena blog buds. Bama Belle is grace and style walking, and she blogs like a true Southern Belle about home and family life. And Leigh really did help me to stay with blogging when I started to close up shop. I love her for that and many many other reasons. She is a wonderful friend.

And STILL you ask... WHY the post about Helena Bloggers?

Well, it's like this.... they had a meet and greet recently. I currently live 4 hours away from Helena. Not easy for me to drop everything and meet them for an iced tea, diet coke, or ice water, you know? But they sweetly sent me messages, telling me that they would miss me. There were Facebook wall messages saying things like "wish you were in Helena"... Y'all, it was touching. They made me feel like I was there in spirit.

Well, Leigh and Charnita sent me copies of THIS joy in my heart...


Aww! The bloggers pictured are Laura Beth, Dusti, Jessica (Bama Belle), Hewy, Charnita, and Leigh.

Now as you can see the condiments were flowing that evening.... there seems to be a bit of a ketchup abuse at this table. Y'all pray for them. :)

I am thankful for ALL of my blog friends, but Helena Alabama (and its bloggers) really does have a special place in my heart!

Thank you so much for your kind words about all of us. Please remember that all of those things are reflected right back on you in the way we feel about our DUST BUNNY!!!!

AND Laura Beth said this:

Last night I had the privilege to attend the "1st Annual Helena Blogger's Convention". Let me tell you - I had a blast! I am so amazed at the talents, sense of humor, and depth of the bloggers of Helena. I met new people, as well as people whose blogs I've been following daily for months, and am proud to count these beautiful souls among my friends. The Bean accompanied me for most of the "Convention" due to necessity, but TJ picked her up as soon as he was able. Bean seemed to enjoy "mommy's new friends" too, and surprisingly (or not), made a connection with a close blog buddy I met in person for the 1st time. We laughed SO HARD when one of the bloggers (to remain unnamed!) "got" TJ by playing as if she were a long-lost schoolmate from Decatur High. Too funny! But, as always, TJ was a good sport, and very gracious. On a related note, the sole male of our posse was none other than Hewy himself! I was thrilled to meet him, and was impressed with how down to earth he is in real life. For some reason, I had pictured him as stuffy and nerdy, nothing like the lighthearted jokester I met last night. (no offense! I'm just sayin' . . .) I hope we can continue these "conventions", perhaps more frequently than once a year,(hint! hint! and continue to enjoy each other and the rich blog community that Helena has to offer. Y'all made my week!

Laura Beth, we are so glad to have added you to our group!
We adore you and JULIO!!!!!


jennifer said...

Girl, wasn't that the WORDIEST post you ever read? LOL (that would be laugh out loud) I need to learn to conserve verbage a little!

Thanks for the post - Lots Of Love!

LauraBeth said...

Awww shucks! Y'all have been so good to me, Julio and the Bean. I had so much fun Friday night and look forward to seeing you again soon!