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What time I am afraid I will trust in thee
Psalm 56:3

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

indoor camp outs, loss, cabinet commando, and it is on like Donkey Kong!

I have a retreat today, so I am leaving Joe and the children to their "indoor camp out" They are setting the tent up and are going to be roasting marshmallows and hot dogs while drinking hot chocolate and watching movies. I hate that I will be missing the fun, but I know that they will have a blast. I am on my way to The Cate's House . I am so excited and will be back to blogging when I return. I am looking forward to it as I have seen pictures inside from Charnita's post.

Last night Orren entertained us as always.
He plays in my "Tupperware cabinet" and he decided to take every piece of it out. I mean every lid, bowl, and sandwich keeper! Then he proceeded to climb inside and close the door. Which he quickly reopened as he discovered it was quite dark inside. My husband's solution? A flash light of course. Now, when I tell you that this is a child that never keeps his focus on anything for more than a few minutes (after all we are only 19 months) I mean not more than maybe 3 minutes tops! He did this for an hour! The cutest thing was that we could see this little light through the cracks of the door. What do you do when they aren't little anymore?

On a somber note, it is with heavy heart that I must tell you that Shana lost her pregnancy yesterday. Forgive me for not letting Ya'll know sooner, I just have been unable to type the words. Please lift her up in prayer. She will begin a detailed series of testing to hopefully get some answers. We will be praying for you Shana and sending all our love to you.

OK so Ya'll know I love facebook and I love finding old friends and reconnecting. My goodness the people I have found or that have found me. Anyway, I knew it would only be a matter of time before this happened.........

You can stop laughing now. Yes, one of my dear friends ACTUALLY posted this and some others of me! I was in like the 8th grade. Stylish I know. Try to contain the laughter please. .......... All done?




jennifer said...

Your post title was fabulous. I was reading you in my google reader and just HAD to tell you that reading that title made me all "Do whaaaat?"

I hope that you have a wonderful time on your retreat.

And yes, I will pray for Shanna. I understand being so full of emotion that you dread talking about something.


...and I remember the days of playing in cabinets *sigh*

LauraBeth said...

Lovely picture! I have a few of those, taken at the skating rink. The hair back then was rockin', wasn't it? Sorry to hear about Shana. I've just said a prayer for her peace and comfort. And thanks for sharing about Orren - I'm waiting for the day the Bean discovers our cabinets!