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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some local events to tell you about

Wanted to give Ya'll a little bit of an advanced notice on this

This soiree is certainly one of Birmingham's most fun and elegant events whose proceeds have increased Alabama Ballet's education and outreach programs significantly. Young patrons of the arts are invited to join AFTER HOURS AT THE POINT BALL. Beginning at 9pm, After Hours includes drinks, desserts and dancing to The Pat Patrick Band.

January 31, 2009
So grab your sweetheart and celebrate Valentines Day early. Hope to see you there!

This is another event we are attending that Ya'll might be interested in:

Alabama Symphony Orchestra Paint to Music Party

Saturday, January 31st, 10am until Noon between Gap and Bose

Join the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, The Summit and Abrakadoodle for a paint to music party. Listen to "The Great Gate of Kieve" by Modest Mussorgsky and see what artwork you are inspired to create and submit your art for the Paint to Music contest. Then, on February 15th, join the Alabama Symphony for a special concert. Listen to Mussorgsky's music and watch as the artwork is projected onscreen behind the orchestra. Call 967-0111 for more information.

Not much going on here at the blog plantation. Yesterday was an interesting day for most. Michelle had to have a wisdom tooth pulled. Bless her heart! I had quite a dilemma myself and I am still not feeling so spiff. YUCK!

The children played "Peter Pan" . It was so sweet to listen to them. Olivia is so wonderful with Orren and we are all blessed by her warm spirit! Orren was an expert at carrying the "Tinkerbell" lantern. (Olivia's little lantern that is covered in vines and doesn't light up but rather twinkles like Tink is inside. It is precious and is actually a Tinkerbell lantern) My favorite is when they eat "never food" Orren thinks it is so funny and Olivia is very serious about it. The day was rounded out by watching Tinkerbell the movie

I will be busy preparing Olivia's grades today as I have to file them on Thursday. She has worked so hard this year and I sort of know where she is grade wise, but I am eager to get the averages done and know for certain.

* Oh there has been an adjustment on the Birmingham Zoo Groundhog Day celebration. They have moved it to Feb. 2 which is Groundhog day! It will be at

10:00 AM on the wildlife stage!

Hope Ya'll have a great day!!


Leigh said...

Look forward to seeing you in the AM!

jennifer said...

The kids playing together sounds so sweet. You are blessed to have a little girl with a sweet spirit who plays with her baby brother.