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Psalm 56:3

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

picture this!!!

Photos that find their way back to life!

I love to go back and look at old photos. I am going to share a few with ya'll tonight as I was not "blogging" when these were "new" I have so enjoyed exploring what pictures are still hanging around on this computer. Please indulge me, I promise I won't bore you in blogland with them for too long!
If you are from my past or younger years.... be afraid.... be very afraid! LOL not tonight.... but soon!

My Dad was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Delta State a few years ago. Here are a couple of photos we used for it. (thanks Keith)

This is a collage of some of the newspaper clippings from when he signed with
The Dallas Cowboys.

My Daddy in his Dallas uniform
I would love to see Orren wearing that one day!!!
A Mother can dream right?

It was such fun at the blog plantation today!
The children and I built a fort and played knights and Princesses. Then they helped cook chicken and dumplings for dinner. It is so cold, it just m
ade me crave them!!!

Orren had a blast tonight in the bathtub with his new bat
h time crayons. Thank goodness for soft scrub!

I always love getting to talk with fellow blogging friends "in real life"
and today, I got to talk to three of them! I almost called the dustbunny just because, so Jen I was thinking about you.
How fun it was, and each one is so very special! I am excited about an upcoming event in the works as well.

God's grace shown on Shana (one of my most precious friends for decades)today. She had a very positive Dr's appointment and things looked good so far with the pregnancy. We will keep you posted on the progress. Tonight, we are thanking God and asking for his continued blessing.

OK, so here are some more pictures,

Olivia the socialite!

Olivia with the Ambassador of Hungary and his wife, I love this picture. They were wonderful people and he waved off his "security" to take a picture with Olivia. He was NOT taking pictures with ANYONE and did not take any others. But when he met her he was more than willing. Despite the fact that they were rushing him out to the helicopter.

Olivia with State Senator Hank Erwin, we have met him several times and we are often at the same functions. She adores him and he only recognizes Joe and I when we are with her these days!

Olivia with our dear friend and anchor man for NBC13 Mike Royer. We had the privilege of meeting and becoming friends with him about 4 years ago now. He is such a precious man, and wonderful father! He came to school to meet Olivia's friends and classmates, it made her a celebrity!

Then of course....... Olivia with Aunt Kay Ivey, State Treasurer of Alabama
We miss you and hope to see you soon!

Goodnight Ya'll!
Thanks for indulging me!

I hope this post did not seem boastful or as if I were name dropping, it wasn't meant to be. I was just reliving things in my own head and writing about them.


LauraBeth said...

What great pics! I had no idea your dad used to be a Dallas Cowboy or that your aunt was Kay Ivey. That's so cool! I enjoyed talking with you yesterday and look forward to meeting you for coffee, or dinner, or whatever sometime very soon!

Leigh said...

COngratulations to your dad on his induction!~

I always enjoy chatting with you, Jessica~!

Charnita said...

Wow...neat pictures...I like getting to know more about my friends. Keep em coming...