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Psalm 56:3

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blogger "convention" minus the dust bunny!

So yesterday was the day. The first Helena blogger's convention. It began @ 9:00 AM for coffee and ended last night for "margaritas" I would like to post some of my favorite statements from the evening, as it was a little too much fun. Now, I realize that some of these will be "you had to be there" kind of thing BUT here it goes! See if you can guess which blogger said it. NO CHEATING YOU CANNOT GUESS IF YOU WERE THERE!

~ Julio? OMG IT'S JULIO!!!!!!!
~You can perm your eyelashes?
~I had a string of Papa John's men
~She really liked their pepperoni
~You can swim in it!
~Gum is like ... (OK I am not going to finish this one) LOL
~Hewy, stop taking notes!
~I am not sure what is happening
~Don't post that!!!
~come get the bean!!!!
~ Wanna come take pictures of it?
~ you two were those girls?
~It was spicy
~ I don't cook
~ Rods oh no, they use rods!
~Who put beer bottles in front of my car?
~ Keys!! OMG where are my keys... they are not here.. what am I going to do?.......... (as another blogger says "do you think you left them inside the incredibly dark and locked restaurant?").........Oh, Nevermind, they are in my pocket
~she wants to see the pig
~it was a little racey

~I can't craft or cook, but I can take pictures of it

~give me the booger (OK I know that is the name of the blog, but seriously THAT is funny!)

*Oh, there will be pictures posted soon.


Leigh said...

I CANNOT WAIt to see the guesses.LOL! WHat fun!

HEWY said...

Awesome, I see your best quotes!!

LauraBeth said...

Love it! I had a blast with y'all!

Abbey said...

Oh, it looks like you all had SO MUCH FUN! I'm sorry I had to miss Friday night, but my mother-n-law's 80th was Saturday so we went to Georgia for a big surprise birthday party. I hope you all will plan another one and that I can come!

Come visit me - you've been tagged.


Polly & Steve said...

Great job putting it all on one page! You are awesome!!!!!!
I so want to be at the next one.