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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where does one begin?

Where does one begin? So much to share, let's try it this way:

Thursday: the children, Joe, and I all a woke at 5:00 AM and hit the road to Jackson, MS. The Lindsey family ( my mother's side of the family) was gathering there at my cousin David's home. This is the second year we have done it there and it was so much fun! All were present, including GiGi, with the exception of my little brother and his wife. Katy had just finished final exams on Wed. making a trip from North Carolina to Mississippi almost impossible. They were missed so very much! We are so proud of them both and cannot wait until we can be with them. I would be remiss if I did not share with you one of the funniest Thanksgiving stories of ALL time.

My 1st cousin Steve and his wife Kelli were there with their children. Two beautiful blond little girls. Lillian and Marris. As we were finishing our amazing Thanksgiving feast, my husband Joe stood to take his plate and picked up another plate that had been left on the table. Precious little Marris, who is three, looked at her mother and said, "that other Dad had two plates!" Kelli who is very poised, said, "Oh, honey I think he was just being nice and took that one as well." to which Marris replied,"well, he ate a lot!" LOL
After we had all finished eating, my parents, (who had started a tradition some years back of the children each filling paper bags with as many Louisiana satsumas they could carry) marched everyone out to the front lawn to do so this year. Oh, the children LOVE this and after all of the paparazzi had finished with their photo ops, they began to eat them. My husband reached down and got one out of the box and ate it. Little Marris, began to cry as she told my mother "he ate it!" Mother said, "Let's get you another one." She was thinking Joe had inadvertently eaten one of Marris's. She had no idea of the history between the two. Later, after talking with Marris, I discovered she thought it was for the children ONLY and how dare "that other Dad" eat one! Joe said he was going to have to do something to win Marris over next year. She will be 4 by then, he might have a shot! I have not laughed so in quite sometime. How precious are the littlest ones of the group?
Orren was quite fond of the sweet potatoes and thinks he should have them every meal, just that way! He is getting some new teeth back ones, and that caused him to not feel so well.
Olivia had so much fun playing with Jordan and Lillian. I love to see the girls together.
We left and drove the longest 3 miles in the world to my friend Shana's house. There we grabbed a very quick hug and loaded our children into the car for a long ride home. We logged 8 hours in the car roundtrip in one day!
Friday: We packed everything up and loaded into the car to spend the night at Salah and Michelle's house. Michelle and I had lots to do.
Saturday: It was up early again to decorate the cake and start cooking! Michelle and Salah have a beautiful home. They have worked so hard to get it decorated top to bottom and it was stunning!
Alabama rolled over the Auburn tigers on the path to National Champions!


jennifer said...

WONDERFUL! I am glad that you got to spend Thanksgiving with family!

And YES! Roll Tide!

Leigh said...

Sounds like you had a very busy and a very blessed weekend!