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Psalm 56:3

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Concern and well wishes!

Joe was home today! What a treat!
We spent most of the day out and shopping for shoes for Livie.
We got Chief and GrandMaMa back to the beach. We miss them already! Mother has come up with an awesome idea for my grandmother and I am excited about working on it soon.
I am trying to get all of our Thanksgiving plans straight. How in the world did it get to be time for Thanksgiving? Christmas is just around the corner!
I spent some time this evening out and about in our subdivision and spoke to a few friends and neighbors around. We are trying to get the decorations committee together to decorate the front entrances.
One of the neighbors I spoke with said that someone was mad that I had pictures on a previous post of the incident that took place. This concerned me a little as I wouldn't want to upset anyone. Another friend and neighbor said they did not think I had done anything wrong or anything to upset anyone. So if I did offend someone or if they have concerns please email me and let me know what and why. I certainly do not want anyone upset. I was very careful to not give details of the events leading up to the incident at hand. The pictures show nothing but police vehicles in front of my home, and the reporter that showed up. May I also add, that everything I posted was also written in several of the newspapers and discussed in even more detail on the news. The only difference was that I wrote what a fantastic and professional job the Helena Police did. I really think they did such a great job!
I asked then and continue to ask for prayers for this family. They did not ask to be thrust under this microscope and we hope that they will find resolution soon. I think it is important to show support and love to them.
We are working to provide some support to them in way of gifts for the children for Christmas and meals. If you are interested you can also email me.
We are excited about an upcoming gnome hunt in December, courtesy of Hewy. Livie asks at least once a week when and how much longer. Maybe I should have held off on telling her it was coming.
Let me take a moment to say how much I admire him (Hewy)and his family. They all do so much for our fair city and the gnome hunts bring out the child in every one of our citizens. He is the one who inspired me to become a blogger.
I want to take a moment to send hope you are feeling better wishes to my friend and fellow blogger Dust bunny hostage, she suffered an awful black widow spider bite last weekend and as she says was robbed of the chance to watch Alabama play LSU. Instead she spent a good deal of time in the hospital and writhing in pain. Darlin, I hope you get to watch them tomorrow and I hope that once again we are victorious!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Em and Meg said...

I am going to grab a can of RAID and dare any insect to get within 50 feet of me when the ballgame is on. My Tide needs me! Thank you for the well wishes - I am ME again.

You handled the incident tastefully my dear. It HAPPENED. It was reported by the media. You did not name names or divulge hurtful information. In fact you reacted out of compassion and asked prayer for the family involved.

Blogging, and specifically in this instance, YOUR blog, is all about how events and circumstances affect our life and that of our family. You shared this from that perspective and with much grace.

What on earth is a classy chick like you being friends with a bumpkin like me? LOL!

Love you Jessica!

Bama Belle said...

Oh, it is an honor and a blessing to be called your friend. You are a blessing to me! Thank you for your kind words and support. You put my mind at ease tonight.
I am so glad that you are YOU again, but it looks like you are Diva daughter right now! LOL
I knew who it was though! Love you to girl!
Have a great weekend and keep that Raid handy! RTR