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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Police, neighbors and prayer

I want to be very careful about this. I know the family involved and I do not want to hurt them or provide fodder for idle gossip. I do however want to share with you and ask for your prayers about an incident last night. It just goes to show you that no neighbor or neighborhood is above incident.
Our next door neighbors had a situation ( a 3 1/2 hour standoff with a weapon) that required full police assistance. Please remember that they have 2 very young little girls and these are obviously desperate times.
The Police were dressed in riot gear and had semi-automatic rifles. ( Guess Helena Police got to use those new guns and toys after all) I was amazed at the precision of their mission and the tact in which they handled things. I watched every detail unfold from the upstairs window of my son's room. It was like watching a military operation and a movie all at the same time. They really do talk to them on a PA system and they really do say things like "no one wants to hurt you and we can work this out together".
They blocked off all sides of the street and had firetrucks and medics a couple of blocks away.
When they came to our door, and several other surrounding homes, they showed professionalism and compassion. They came to ask that we move everyone to the opposite side of the house (The houses across the street were all asked to move to the back of their homes).
I cannot say enough good things about the Helena Police Department! I do worry about the officer that was involved in a wreck last night due to this incident and ask that we pray or his recovery also.
No wonder Helena is one of the safest places to live in the country and 90th best city to live according to Money magazine.
I really don't want to say anymore except this.......... Please, Please pray for this family. There is so much more to this story and the details would break your heart. They need prayers, lift them up today please!
My Father the forever photog captured a few images. I sent a few to Hewy and here are some for you.

The reporters showed up this morning and we refused comment about the episode, but Daddy took their picture!


Leigh said...

My prayers are with the family. May God be with each of them. And to the officer (I didnt know about this) injured in a wreck. My prayers to that person as well.

jennifer said...

Oh Honey. You just don't know what goes on behind the doors of other's homes. We need to be faithful to pray for our friends and neighbors because God does know what each family needs.

I think you handled this post tastefully.

Bama Belle said...

Thank you both sisters in Christ. Leigh, I think we need to meet at BMC soon!
Jennifer, Thank you so much, I hope so. I wanted to share without "sharing".

Leigh said...

Say when & I'll be there!