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Psalm 56:3

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall, prayers, updates, and contests

Happy Fall Ya'll!
This was taken by my Daddy while spending time in the mountains with my Mother and their friends, the Tinkers.

So we are trying to recover from our weekend! Oh my goodness.
TJ- recovering and sore. Please pray for him and his friend as they prepare for the issues ahead from the accident.
Kayla- still has not had the baby and we are all wondering how long they will leave this poor darlin in "labor" before they will help it along.
Hayes Family- Our precious friends the Hayes family (you have seen and heard them mentioned here before) called on Saturday night. Margaret's father passed away earlier that afternoon. Our most sincere and heart felt sympathy goes out to the entire family, but especially for my dear friend Margaret. We ask for prayers for the entire family and extend our hands for whatever we can do to help.

It was an incredibly cold weekend. We had a fire, watched football, and played cards. I hope that the temp warms up just a touch because it is just too early for it to be THIS cold! If not things could be really bad this winter!
My friend Katie married on Nov.1, as you know. This leads me here: I need a favor from all of you. Katie could win a 13x16 print of her choice from her photographer if she gets the most comments at the site. This is the link Katie and Nick slideshow The photographer did a fabulous job, you will enjoy seeing the artistry, but please take a minute to comment and help her win as well.

More Pictures from the Mountains

Is that view not amazing? Their cabin ( the Tinkers) is so gorgeous.

Who has the marshmallows?


Polly & Steve said...

These pictures are simply beautiful, What Mountain are they on?
Have a great day!
Polly and Steve

HEWY said...

Now I'm dying to head to the moountains!

Bama Belle said...

Hi Polly and Steve, they are on Look Out Mountain. Thanks for reading and stopping by.
Hewy- I know I told them I was going next time. The Tinkers cabin is so beautiful and that VIEW!! Oh my goodness

Polly & Steve said...

We are from that neck of the woods, and I have a nephew living on Lookout, We were raised Sand Mountain. At one time we lived in Red Bank when we first married. I knew it had to be there in God Country! (smile) We also know a few Tinkers from Sand Mountain, don't know if they are the same.
Have a great day!