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Psalm 56:3

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You are a Saints fan? Really?

 I have shared in the past
 that I lived in New Orleans, LA
 for many years

Having moved there at 15,
New Orleans is where I grew up.
I graduated High School there,
became a first time voter there,
and thus an adult.

  I have so many memories
that New Orleans is at the heart of.
So many of my dearest friends are still there
and family members as well!
Yes, no matter where I go
part of me will always be home in New Orleans!

Some of the best memories
are of going to the  suite
 in the Superdome
 with my family
 and cheering on the Saints!

I even used to babysit
for several of the Saints players
 that lived in our neighborhood!

We were cheering on the Saints
before it was "cool" to cheer on the Saints.
I am in awe of the number of people yelling
 "who dat"
Some I have known for years
and never once heard them refer to the Saints
are now sporting the black and gold!
But hey, we welcome everyone!


Our fantastic Saints
 are having an AMAZING SEASON
 we are so excited!
Last night they played the New England Patriots
and they did not just win they

So after years of ridicule and being picked on,
it is time for the Saints to ride this all the way to the Super Bowl!
Oh, could it be?

As you can see,
we have proudly displayed our Saints Fleur dis Lis on the front lawn!

Although it has been there for a few years,
it has been moved out to the center!

I also wanted to share this with you!

I pledge allegiance to The Saints, and to the great city of New Orleans; and to The Super Bowl, for which we will win; One city, below sea level, under God; with Mardi Gras & seafood for all.
Geaux Saints!

Thanks for dropping by Y'all!


Dullbert said...

Let me tell you about before it was "cool" :)
OK I'm gonna date myself with this comment. I also used to live in New Orleans (West bank actually) and am a long suffering Saints fan. When I first started going to the games they were playing in the old Tulane Stadium (pre-dome) it was the Archie Manning era, most of the time we were there to see the stars playing on the opposing team cause the Saints were bad in those days. Don't ask me why but I actually have some of the old ticket stubs? I also saw Notre Dame beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl at Tulane Stadium by one point ! on new years eve. I remember watching as the dome was being constructed, my fathers office was about two blocks away , it was amazing to see that HUGE structure going up. I actually attended the first Saints game played in the dome, it was an exhibition game with the then Houston Oilers Sept 28 1975 which was somewhat ironic because they were the only other team that played in a dome in that era (the astrodome). I'm in the process of trying to snag some tickets to the Falcons/Saints game in Atlanta Dec 13 so I can take my boys as you can imagine it's not an easy or cheap ticket to come by(140 and up ! ) so I'm trying the e-bay route so we shall see.

Geaux Saints !

Bama Belle said...

THAT IS AWESOME! I knew I liked you! ; ) I remember asking my Grandfather why everyone had to wear paperbags on their heads! LOL