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Psalm 56:3

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Monday, December 21, 2009

You never know who will ring your doorbell... No it wasn't Father Christmas

It was ......

Along with several of his friends!

He came bearing gifts,
so I took a chance
that he was in a festive mood
and let him in!

The GENEROUS business owners of
Old Towne
provided The Grinch with gifts to bring
to houses full of Christmas cheer.


How precious of them all.
We live in a fantastic city!
What a wonderful thing to do
and how humbled I am to call them friends!
My thanks will never express what it meant to my children!

The children were excited to see The Grinch.
They had just been tucked into bed, so they were briefly groggy.
What a surprise for us all.

The Princess sat and talked with him.
The Prince was still cautious until time for The Grinch to leave.
Then he showered him with hugs and kisses!

He wandered through the house.
And briefly tried to fright!

But he settled down quickly

We gave him a Biscotti.

He really liked my plate
I thought he might steal it.

Well, after all of the excitement of the evening.
I am going to say goodnight.
My heart is full of love and Christmas cheer!
I am so thankful for such amazing friends!

Goodnight, thanks for dropping by Y'all!


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Glad to see his heart grew 3 sizes today! Merry Christmas to all!

Karen said...

Cute, cute! And the kids will never forget this. He's scarier than the old Santa on my blog.
Ladybug Creek

Jane said...

An unusual visitor...what fun!!! I know your kids will never forget "the year that the Grinch came to visit". You do have a fantastic town!

Have a Merry Christmas with your family and friends!

Miss Janice said...

How cute is this? Leave it me...I love the iron scroll piece above the flat screen!

Judy said...

Merry Christmas darlin'


jennifer said...

That really is just so cool.

Jolyn said...

Oh how I love the Grinch That is awsome how he made a visit. That is our family's #1 Christmas movie and we usually watch it thanksgiving night or the next day. I also decorate the tree in the office all in Grinch...Thank you for posting, I really enjoyed it..