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Monday, November 30, 2009

We have been kicked out of the Church nursery, have you?

Yes, you read that correctly.
My son was asked to leave the nursery last night.
(OK, not exactly but...)

You see, we attend a very traditional, formal, and strong Methodist Church.

 Last night was The Hanging of the Greens.

The most beautiful service of the year, It is so full of joy and celebration! 
The entire family was eager to get there!

I dropped the Prince off at the nursery, which has become increasingly more difficult. EVERY Sunday it is quite the ordeal!
On nights like last night, they put all of the children together in the same room.
 These volunteers are the ones that work with the younger then two crowd.

He seemed to settle quickly.
 Just the same, I lingered around the corner.
 I finally left and found my seat in the pew with Joe and The Princess.

Just moments shy of the prelude the nursery beeper lit up like the Chrismon tree in the sanctuary. I slinked past the incoming crowds and headed downstairs.
As I stepped off the elevator, I could hear, what I knew to be my child, screaming at the top of his lungs. I arrived to find one SERIOUSLY frazzled nursery attendant, bless her heart, and my two year old hanging from the door, red faced, tears rolling down each cheek; so much slobber he looked like Hooch (Turner and Hooch, cute movie you should see it)  and ........... his diaper bag in hand!
 The instant he caught glimpse of me, he looked at her and said, Bye..... Bye....... and blew kisses. I took the bag and hung it up,  I walked my little prince, hand in hand, around the church. Trying to calm him and explain Mommy would be back soon.  Yeah well,
 no dice.
The first hallway back to the nursery, he started right back up.
 So, as I returned to the door the lady said
he can't stay in here he is too upset.
I took his bag and off to the service we went.
 Praying every step PLEASE GOD, PLEASE just let him stay quiet and calm.
I was back in the pew just as the prelude started.
The Prince was quick to turn on the charm!
 He quickly won over all of the people sitting around us.
 Making sweet eyes, blowing them kisses.
They gushed as he folded his hands and prayed.
The looked adoringly at him as he sang with the congregation.
They chuckled politely as he began to fidget and talk loudly out of turn.
Good thing he had won them over early because .................
They all GASPED as my precious little darling sailed a blue crayon into the air.
I watched helplessly as it hoovered for a distance to envy a major league pitcher.
My heart skipped a beat as it whizzed past, none other than, our pastor's head.
It sounded like a 100 lb weight as it hit the red carpet floor in the aisle.

Oh yes, it was one of my finest moments as a parent.

Looks like I will be the one with big black sunglasses
 and a scarf wrapped around her face/head sitting in the back pew!

The Trinity Orchestra is fantastic!
The violins, cello, trumpets, etc.
Not often you get worship and the symphony!
We are so blessed!

Our choir always sound like the angels singing!

Prior to all of the excitement, we had the advent wreath workshop and family supper.
 I adore nights like that at our church!
It is too much fun!
We made our advent wreath
 and had baked potatoes, grilled cheese, salad, and chili

Here are some of the pictures:

The Princess mixing the plaster to anchor our CHRIST candle

Everyone working on the wreath

Almost done, waiting for the Christ candle

At home, CHRIST candle in the center where it belongs!

If you are in the area,
 I urge you to visit with us one Sunday.
was instantly our church home
the moment we walked through
 those magnificent doors.
If you do visit, I promise you will be filled with love and welcomed with open arms.
However, I cannot promise you won't be victim of the next sailing blue crayon!


Tera said...

I seriously LOL'd so hard about the blue crayon! I got a very distinct image in my mind, and I swear I could see the ten different shades of crimson that I'm sure your face must have turned! hahaha

Jane said...

Ohhhhhh.....this brings back memories. Prince will settle down one day. In the meantime, he is filling his measure of memories for you to pull out as you watch him grow. Just think of all the stories you can share with his beloved....

Jane (Artfully Graced)

LauraBeth said...

That is just too funny, and SO brings back memories of trying to get him in my car last week. I KNOW the fit you're talking about - been there, saw it, got the Tshirt! The blue crayon, though, is just icing. What about getting him a travel-sized MagnaDoodle? - at least the pen part is attached and can't be hurled at the preacher :-) Love y'all!

Tammy@InStitches said...

This sounds exactly like something that would happen to me and my little prince, he's 12 now !

Judy said...

How funny! Sounds like something my little grandson Jackson would do. Also reminds me of a story about my brother years and years ago. Our preacher had come to our home one Sunday to eat dinner. His daughter and my brother and his twin sister were heading outside to play. The girls went ahead of my brother and the door closed in his face. He turned around and said "will somebody come get this da--- door!" My mom about fell through the floor. She hollered for the maid (back in those days they came to cook and clean) to come get him. That brother is now a preacher himself!

Take care,

jennifer said...

Oh Honey, been there been through that. My son recently mentioned being left with "Miss Sue" and that was years ago.

We are such wonderful Mommies they can't live without us :)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Oh,LOL. Having two boys myself I can only laigh and say, "Boys will be boys".
Are you doing your walk with him wednesday post? or was that a one time thing? Came to link up....

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I got such a giggle out of this! Especially the part about how as soon as he saw you he said bye bye and started blowing kisses! I stay in the nursery each week with my twin grandgirls as they are heartbroken when their mama leaves unless they know Nana will stay (I'll be sad the day they don't want me there anymore).

Miss Janice said...

Hilarious. I'm gonna send someone over to look at your Advent Wreath...Love it!!!

Bella Michelle said...

As the Mom whose oldest never liked the church nursery I can so relate! We never figured out why he didn't like it (my other 2 always did!) so oldest son just ended up in "big" church way sooner! LOL You will never forget the flying blue church missile!

BTW, our church had our Hanging of the Greens on Sunday as well. I so love the advent season!