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Monday, November 9, 2009

Honest Scrap, bet you were tagged!

Here are the rules for the award:

1)You must thank the person who gave the award and list their blog and link it.

2) You must share "10 Honest Things" about yourself.

3) You have to present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.

4) Last, you must tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award

I want to thank Laura Beth @ Ruminations of a Working Mom for this award. I love her desire to make the world a better place and her earthy charm! Be sure to stop by and see her blog!

So my 10 honest things:

1. I am a Christian. Saved by the blood of Christ.  As such, I fail everyday and thank God that he forgives me for those shortcomings and loves me through it.

2. I am a person that has a difficult time allowing others to know, or see my imperfections. You know things like, when my house isn't perfect. Clean, picked up and ready for a magazine shoot at any given moment. This has become increasingly more difficult with a two year old. Or to admit that I cannot do everything. Although I do try! So if you are one of the RARE few that get to see me or my home that way.... well, that speaks volumes about my love and trust for you!

3. I love my family more than words could ever say. They are everything to me and I live each day to give them memories to last a lifetime.

4. One of my biggest fears is that I won't live to see my children grow up. Even as a christian and with the promise we will be together again, my weakness of the flesh is that fear.

5. I adore cooking ( doing the dishes not so much) interior decorating and entertaining! I love to find new creative fun ideas for the children to have for holidays and day to day.  I love cooking  meals for the family. My children do not eat typical "kid foods" because of it. My children are the ones asking for broccoli and asparagus in place of french fries. Shrimp and grits, Eggs Benedict and paninis instead of Happy Meals and Chicken nuggets. You should see the response from wait staff when that happens. I adore that. I want them to try new things and to know that there is so much to see and experience in this world!

6. I am obsessive compulsive. Germs are not my friend. I disinfect the counters 20 times a day. Make my children eat on place mats I bring from home when we go out to eat. And I wash my children's hands too much!

7. Family meals are important to me. We eat at the table for every meal. The places are set, even if it is just the Prince and I for lunch. I even put chargers under the soup bowl for chicken noodle soup!

8. I am a southern Belle born and raised. I adhere to etiquette (to the best of my ability, but like being a Christian I fail at this often as well). So I do not believe in paper napkins, plates, or plastic cups. THIS IS A HUGE PET PEEVE of mine.
According to standard, one never uses these in their home. Now, this does not mean that if we are grabbing something quick to take in the car, or someone is very ill that  I never use them. In fact you can find some very stylish paper products for that very purpose here at the plantation. It just means that you as my guests will never use them and my family will never use them unless we are eating on the fly (meaning in our car)or having a BBQ! Then it is perfectly acceptable to use these stylish products in the back yard!

I use these to take drinks with me ALL the time to swim meets and soccer games and Sunday morning coffee on the way to church.

So there are exceptions to the rule,
 but that is just what they are
exceptions and VERY rare!
Also, we don't eat chips, and popcorn, etc out of the bag.
use a bowl!

9.  I adore traveling and fine dining. We do not exclude the children from going with us just because they are children. We take them and they know they are expected to behave and they do. This is how they learn and grow. In fact, our children misbehave  more at "kid friendly" destinations!

10. I think one should live life everyday as they would on vacation.

So here are my seven tagged These are AMAZING precious blog friends I have made and I look forward to reading them EVERYDAY! I know you will as well!
1. Jane @ Artfully Graced
2. Cass @ That Old House
3. Libby @ Twirl and Taste
5. Karen @ Ladybug Creek
6. Emily @ Emily Horn Designs
7. All of those that read and comment here at the blog plantation. I read so many blogs and love them all. Please link yourself in the comments so that others may read you as well!
And, I did not tag because they had already been tagged, but certainly my favorites as well.
Jennifer @ Dustbunny Hostage

Well, that is it. i hope you enjoyed a rare inside peek.
I am unusually transparent today!

Thanks for dropping by y'all!


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

...and I love you too! Hope you are feeling better? I am so with you on #9. I have many family members that do not take their kids on vacations, to "nice" restaurants to less than child friendly places, but I too beleive that if they arent exposed they will not kow how to behave. My kids have always just gone. I will never forget my husband and I have just moved to a new city. I just had Bama in the way of kids and he was 6. My MIL planned a birthday party for Big Daddy and his twin brother. It was a dinner cruise in St Pete. She called me and asked that I get a sitter for Bama because it "would be best since it was not kid friendly". I said, No. I am new to this city, I dont know anyone and will not leave my child in the company of someone I do not know. I will not go before I do anything of the such. She suggested some sitting services. When Big Daddy got wind of this, he was in total agreement and called to let his mother we would not attend as a family, if it was not a family event.
Long story, shorter....Bama came, and was a dream (he always has been). He was n problem, in fact, his attendance made the night that much more fun and less "stuffy". Days later my MIL called and apologized for her suggestion and for the bad feelings her suggestion had forged between she and us. All was forgiven and lesson learned. If kids are not exposed how can they expect to behave well? Even the same could be said as adults, if as children they aren't exposed. Well said.

jennifer said...

You are one of my favorites too :)

I ADORE your weekend Waterford. I swear lady, you have such flare!