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Psalm 56:3

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a great Mother's Day!

The children with GrandMaMa and then with Chief while they visited last week!

Well, this is my first Mother's Day that I have 2 little ones. It was so special. My Mom was here to share in it with me, it was priceless. It started off by the children, assisted by Daddy of course, making breakfast for me and GrandMaMa. It was quiche Lorraine and a quiche Florentine, scrambled eggs, bacon and mimosas. YUMMMMMMMY! Then the gift giving.... I got a gorgeous broach that is 2 o's, One yellow gold O and one white gold O. It is beautiful. I also got an iron pic nic set, we gave GrandMaMa one to. Also beautiful. Precious cards and drawings and THE DAY OFF!!!!!!! The laundry was done and the dishes and all the children's needs were met without one "MOMMY" interception. I read, played on the computer and quietly looked at a magazine.

We all sat outside together and enjoyed the somewhat chilly afternoon and the cold gloaming. We lit the outdoor fireplace and watched the children play in the pool. BUT it was wayyyyy to cold for Joe and I, YIKES!

I also wanted let everyone know(it got lost in the shuffle) Olivia cut her hair for Locks of Love again on Thursday. It is so cute and short! It will be great for the summer.

The children and I will be getting ready for the beach this week. We are so excited! At the Buck Creek Festival yesterday we got the children the cutest (never seen any cuter) beach towels with the monograms and appliques! Orren's is a crab and Olivia's is a seahorse. We can't wait to use them. I really can't describe how precious they are!



PARVATI won survivor we are stunned! POOR AMANDA. NO ONE we ever want to win does!!!! : (
oh well, it was an almost perfect day.


Abbey said...

Pray tell, where did you buy the beach towels? I was wondering if it was 2LadyBugs ..... I'm looking forward to reading your blog regularly and maybe picking up a few good ideas! LOL!

BamaBelle said...

Yes it was and I would love to add her website when it is up and going! her things are so gorgeous.!!

Leigh said...

Beautiful pictures and whay a wonderful and selfless act to donate to Locks of Love. A great and noble deed for a child to realize how any one, no matter how small , can help another.

BamaBelle said...

Thank you Leigh, we are very proud of our little one. She actually started donating her hair 4 years ago when she was 5, this is her
3rd time. In 2004 she had a friend a 4 yr old that was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. They found it in Sept. He was not expected to live through Christmas. She sat in Sanata's lap that year at brookwood Mall and told him she did not want anything for Christmas because she had a friend that was very sick,she crinkled her little nose and looked at me and said"what's that Davis has Mommy" I was so choked up I could barely speak and I looked at "santa" and said terminal cancer. She continued on and said if he would make Davis better he did not have to bring her anything. Santa through his tears told her he would do what he could but that God was the only one with the power to grant such a beautiful Christmas wish. He went on to tell her that lots of children that are sick like Davis often ask him for hair b/c they lose theirs. He stroked her long beautiful hair and said you and I together could give them that. We made the appointment the next day. She cut off her hair, her trademark that everyone admired, in honor of her little friend Davis. Who by the way did see Christmas that year, and all that followed. He beat his cancer. Olivia grows her hair out and cuts it over and over as a promise she made to help her precious friend. If only we could all have the love of a child.
Thank you so much for letting me share.

Dixie said...

Interesting to know.