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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back from the land of the sea and sun

Olivia and Orren sword fighting Pirates!* Olivia showing off her hair wrap.
It looks even cuter when her hair is
turned under like it is usually

* Orren playing in the bubbles while eating

Wow, we are home and finally have a minute to catch our breath! whew. Joe and the children and I had a fantastic visit with my parents at the beach. (Joe got to stay the entire time!) We think we have everything moved, at least the Gulf part, into the new house. It is so beautiful and my parents are going to be so happy there! I could have lived on the back porch. It is completely screened in and runs the entire length of their home. It is outfitted with enormous Palms and a large stone fountain. The fountain echos off the tile floor and the white wicker swings beckons you as the palms dance in the breeze.

Chief, Olivia and Joe went fishing on Chief's boat (his little boat as he calls it, it only sleeps six and has two bathrooms on board). They had so much fun and Olivia got to experience true high seas adventure as they had almost 10 ft surf and the bow of the boat went under a couple of times. She really got to play "Jack Sparrow"

Olivia got her hair wrapped as her souvenir and Orren got a pirate ship. We can't wait to go back.

The best part is we got to have birthday cake with GrandMaMa before we left! Happy Birthday!

We returned home and we have been running ever since.

Last night we attended the comedy club with a group of friends for Michelle's birthday which is tomorrow. It was so fun and the comics were hilarious. We made the mistake of ordering three orders of nachos between the group. OOOOPS! We could have fed a small country with one order!

The children stayed at home with our precious Elizabeth. She is the BEST babysitter in the entire world and the only one I would leave the children with! Olivia loved that she spent the night with us too. We put her on the road this morning headed to the beach! We pray for her safe travel and stay.

I train the pool monitors tomorrow and open our pools Saturday morning! YEAHHHHHHH summer has arrived!

We are eager to spend some time in our backyard this weekend, dining out with our friends and hopefully relaxing a bit


Abbey said...

Wow! You gave a lot of news in this wonderful update!! A little boat with two bathrooms? hmmmm ... would that be loverly! Loved the pictures, loved the stories, and love you!


BamaBelle said...

Thanks Abbey love you to!!