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Psalm 56:3

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to blogging!

I know it has been a while since last I blogged. Please forgive me. Orren's surgery went very well. We could not have been more please with results. His esophagus has an elliptical shape which is causing some of the issues. It does taper and narrow slightly. The surgeon does think that as he grows the airway will as well and there is no need for any further surgery. PRAISE GOD!!!
We will most likely have some bouts of croup again, but at least now we know why and how to handle it.

*Orren with GrandMaMa at home after the surgery

I cannot thank all of you that have sent emails, phoned, and come to the hospital to hold our hands! So many of you brought meals, hugs and prayers. Our far away friends and family inundated us with love through the phone and offered just as much love and support. We felt you with us. We would have been lost without you. It is at times like these you find out who your true friend and family are. Those people who take time out of their lives just to be with you and check on you. What a blessing you have all been. THANK YOU! In your time of happiness or need, we will be there for you. You need only reach out your hand and ours will be there.

So that being said, Olivia had soccer this morning, GO STORM! Chief and GrandMaMa will be leaving us in the morning, we are all saddened by this coming event. We are only consoled by the fact that the children and I will be joining them at the beach in a week! YEAHHHHHHHHH! We will miss JOE : (

I will check back tomorrow and fill everyone in on Mother's Day, Olivia is planning to cook breakfast in bed for Mommy and GrandMaMa. I will let you know how that goes.



Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I tried to call on Thursday but you all must have been outside or gone to dinner. I am so excited that Orren is going to be fine and to know that Olivia is back to soccer. I love watching little ones play.

School's almost over for me for this year. Ten days left and I'm done for another one. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad you had your mom and dad with you while you we waiting to find out information about Orren. It's such a comfort to have parents around when things are scarey.

Okay, sweetie, give my love to everyone. Hope to see you soon. Have fun on the beach!

Aunt Beth

BamaBelle said...

Thanks Aunt Beth, we could have been outside we spent the afternoon in the gloaming. You are so special to us and we love you so very much. Have a great week and end of the year! We are very excited about the wedding in Nov. and are planning to be there. Give our love, Jess

HEWY said...

I love the new crest logo! Glad to see you back.

BamaBelle said...

Thanks Hewy!I'm glad to be back. That is our official crest so I thought I should use it. i'll be checking your blog out in a little bit!