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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Readers are out there! Lots of Pictures

Olivia with Capt. Crenshaw
Olivia flying the chinook helicopter
Olivia and George Washington

Olivia with her surrogate Grandparents Bob and Jo Thomas. Olivia in the stocks, see what happens when the children misbehave.

Olivia at her Great x6 Grandfather's memorial
Olivia with Aunt Kay Ivey, Alabama State Treasurer
I am actually just posting mostly to share pictures of Olivia at the Memorial Day Celebration @ American Village. We are all doing well, and just came in from swimming. Interesting enough, I met a very nice woman tonight that ACTUALLY reads our blog that we had not met before tonight. She recognized the children and I was stunned. Thank you to all of you who are visiting us and reading about our family.

We had a scare thinking that Orren had the chicken pox, it was a false alarm THANK GOODNESS! Enjoy the pictures and we hope to be back to full time blogging very soon!

God Bless you all,


Anonymous said...

OH, my goodness!!! How tall is that child? She's got to be to the tree tops for sure. lol She is as beautiful as always, of course. Have you noticed in the picture of her and the state treasurer that you can see her name taped to the chair behind them? Just an auntie's observation. lol Thanks for sharing. Talked to my friend. They were going to check out the condo after their first visitors. HOpe to see them soon. By the way, do you think you and your crew will be able to come to Katie's wedding? Just wondering. Hope to see you soon, too.

Love as always,
Aunt Beth

HEWY said...

What awesome pictures! Is Ivey your sister or you husband's?

BamaBelle said...

Hewy Good to hear from you again. Kay Ivey, is actually my Aunt the children just call her Aunt as well. How is the vacation going?

Leigh said...

Great pictures and precious little girl! I am so glad you found my blog!

Abbey said...

Is Kay Ivey really your Aunt? I used to work for a lawyer who was big in the Girls State thing and I met Kay a couple of times and had to do a lot of work with the annual Girls State event at Huntingdon. Don't tell me .. you went to Girls State .. I would not be surprised! LOL! Olivia is beautiful, just like her mommie!!!

My best friend raves about eggs benedict, but it doesn't look that good. Maybe I will learn to make it one day .... what do you add to the champagne to make the mimosa?

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.