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Psalm 56:3

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wed. strange day of events!

Good Evening

We had a strange day today. To begin with one of our precious friends the Hayes boys, Andy the youngest, fell and severely broke his arm. It was excruciating for him and his parents. We took him over some balloons, a puppy cupcake, and a card shaped and that looked like Huckleberry to make him feel better. It did not help very much I don't think. We are praying for him and hope he avoids surgery which we should find out about Fri.
Every one we spoke with had some odd or blah thing going on today. Maybe it was because England released it's UFO files today.

My little family had a day of artistic pursuits. Olivia did creative writing most of the day and Orren well, he was just himself today. Sweet and funny as always.

We got the pomegranate tree and in the ground today! We are so excited and can't wait for it to fruit! We will have lots of afternoons under the willow tree eating them!

I still have not found a gnome that is dressed in a kilt or playing the bagpipes. Olivia is so distressed. I have searched EBAY and every website I can find, but to no avail. There is not a Celtic gnome to be found. Maybe the next trip to Scotland.
We did purchase a small gnome for the backyard to appease her. We named him
Eye of Newt we call him Newt for short. ( he looks like the travelocity gnome)
He has moved himself around the yard and even tripped and broke his leg. We found him layed out in the courtyard. A little of Daddy's glue and he was good as new. Olivia who no longer believes in Santa, the Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy, believes with all her heart he is coming to life at night.
Of course she still believes in fairies and magic.

We had meatloaf for dinner and Joe has requested a meatloaf sandwich for lunch tomorrow so I need to go get it together. Check back tomorrow!


HEWY said...

A kilted gnome. That would be awesome.

Clancy said...

Hey just wanted to let you know I sent an email to everyone on my list about the condo and one of my friends and some of the teachers at our school have booked it for May 15,16 and 17th!! I think there are 5 of them going and they asked me but I can't leave Grayson for that long. We might have to book it in the fall and go ourselves! Hope you had a good trip down there.. Tell your Mom we said Happy Birthday!! Love ya!