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Thanks for dropping by Y'all!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

National Championship trophies, ice skating and Miss America

We had a great weekend here at the blog plantation! 
Friday, Lord Breland and I 
ran some errands and 

Yes friends, that is THE trophy. The National Championship trophy won by our Crimson Tide. 
The official trophy is actually sitting on top of the University's pedestal.
The crystal elephants are beautiful aren't they?
All the championships are engraved on the plaque.
They are selling this version for your personal collection
it is Waterford and beautiful!
We had lunch at the local coffee shop
Check out some of the Lattés
yeah they are wonderful!

We got the Princess from school 
and learned that she made a 106 on her spelling test! 

We rounded the night out with pizza, game night, and a movie.

Saturday, we took the children ice skating

The Prince had been trying to tape spoons
to his shoes
to make ice skates at home 
so actually having them on THRILLED HIM!

The Princess kept taunting her Daddy
Who finally joined her on the ice.
Even if he played the whole time

The Prince just sat on the Alabama Hockey Team"s rink
and dreamed of the future

Then the children had a C A R meeting
(children of the American Revolution)

where the Princess gave a report on The Pony Express
I enjoyed seeing dear friends
Then the Princess and I watched (with broken hearts)
Our hopes had been that our dear sweet 
who is the reigning 
would win.
She is from our little city.
Sadly it was not to be.
So needless to say,
today we rested and lounged around
in front of the fireplace in our jammies. 

 Can't wait to hear about your weekend!

Thanks for dropping by Y'all!


Wendy said...

It sounds like you had a perfect weekend and made some wonderful famliy memories!

jennifer said...

Oh Jessica! The picture of the Prince on the Bama A... I would frame that and hang it on a wall in a heartbeat! What a perfect picture!

I adore the fact that the Princess was taunting her Daddy. She and my girls would get along just fine :)

Have a wonderful week my dear friend!

jennifer said...

Oh! Congrats on the awesome spelling grade as well. THAT is impressive!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I know that all those girls work hard to even make it to the Miss America pagent -- quite an accomplishment -- we in Virginia were mighty proud though! And our hometown boy Jason Mraz won two grammy's as well! It all sort of warms us up from these arctic temps!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I loved Miss Alabama too.....