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Psalm 56:3

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras (to me)

Happy Mardi Gras!
It is at this time of the year I miss New Orleans the most.
Fortunately, we have absolutely PRECIOUS friends, 
who brought a little of New Orleans to us.
Yes, when Laura Beth and her family rolled into town
they showered us with gifts. 
Just look at what all they brought us 
so that we could celebrate Mardi Gras 
as if we were home!

Randazzo's (the best ever) 
Cream Cheese filled King Cake
paired with 
World Champions
Black and Gold Superbowl
and black and gold football beads

I also got this

 Isn't that gorgeous? I CANNOT wait to wear it!!

Joe got this

 Tshirts like this are hard to come by over here!
Here are just a few more things out of the loot!
We can never thank them enough!
We adore them!


 OK well, I have to run...
something is calling my name
Thanks for dropping by Y'all



Wendy said...

You do indeed have precious friends. I love the charm...so very pretty. The king cake looks divine!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love it all.......a great tradition and holiday......

LauraBeth said...

Aww - so happy you're enjoying your "loot"! Thanks again for taking such good care of Rusty for us!

Karen said...

Oh my! That cake looks fabulous. Not knowing a thing about Mardi Gras... where does the King's cake play into this? We only know of it on January 6th.
I looked in my favorite Cajun Creole cookbook, "Who's Your Mama, Are You Catholic, and Can You Make a Roux?" by Marcelle Bienvenu and surprisingly there is not a recipe for this cake. Do you have one? I've always wanted to make one.. especially if it has cream cheese.
Loved your posting... as usual!!
Ladybug Creek

Jane said...

Great friends! Enjoy that King Cake... and Joe is going to look so proud in his "Who Dat" shirt.
Jane (artfully graced)

jennifer said...

Isn't she the most thoughtful friend? I am so impressed! She gave you something so close to your heart!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

How sweet was that?
I do hwoever think you need help eating the king cake, doncha?