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Psalm 56:3

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is your signature?

It is tradition in my family that just prior to the birth of a new belle, a signature color is chosen for her.
Call it conditioning or coincidence but it always becomes the belle's favorite color as well.
My mother is pink, I am red, the Princess is purple.
It was in thinking on the impending birth of a friend of mine that I realized at least in my family we have a lot of "signatures"
For instance, I would be willing to bet the plantation that 9 out of 10 former schoolmates of mine would tell you that they remember I always wore red lipstick. From the 8th grade forward you never saw me without the red lipstick.
 To this day, I wear red lipstick.
 So it got me to thinking...
I hope you will play along and link back to us
so we can find out what your signatures are as well.
OK here it goes:

color~ red: according to wikipedia: In human color psychology, red is associated with bravery, purity, happiness, good luck, heat, energy, and blood, and emotions that "stir the blood", including anger, passion, love, pain, and sacrifice

lipstick~ Coco red Chanel

(can only be bought at the Chanel boutique, not in dept stores)
and my mink pony tail pull


My eyelashes
(these are not mine, there wasn't anyone here to take mine)

Pearls, I always wear pearls
I have them in several lengths.
These were given to me by the hubby
three Christmases ago

My mother is the Bee
The Princess is the ladybug
and My Sister in Law is the butterfly

pashminas and scarves!
Here are just a few
houndstooth I have a lot of houndstooth

Monograms, I monogram everything that sits still long enough

Fleur Di Lis can be found everywhere in our home

These are just a few things that make me... well me.
I also adore capris and designer "flip flops"
after throwing a tantrum like my two year old
over a pair of $325.00 flip flops
my husband has put a REAL curb on them.

I cannot wait to see all of your Signatures

Thanks for dropping by Y'all!


Jessica Kirkes said...

Earrings - always! (except when I workout and sometimes even then), black fitted turtle neck sweater, lip gloss with a hint of color, good-butt jeans (every woman needs a pair)!

Michael Lee West said...

Fracas perfume.

Also, my iPod, black Flair pens, and spiral notebooks. They're with me always.

Karen said...

Hmmmmm.... fun post!!
My signature would be my "piercing"!! Yes... a 62 year old "pierce-ee" Now don't get too disgusted. I have a pierced pinky fingernail... acrylic of course. My daughters-in-law both just roll their eyes when they see it. I wear a dangling piece of jewelry in it.
I also enjoy Pandora jewelry and try to have one for each season. This was the first year I did a Christmas one. Fun!
I also like Tous jewelry and purses.
Enough about me... after all this is YOUR blog!
Ladybug Creek

Cathryn said...

Gold Hoop Earrings
My Freckles
Vera Bradley Bags
Dark Red Nails in the Fall/Summer
Pink Nails in the Spring/Summer

jennifer said...

I would have to REALLY think about this. I know there are things that are ME, but... hmm, I will have to think.

Based on your signatures, you my dear, are one more classy lady.

Jane said...

Sterling silver bangle bracelets with my sterling silver watch. Always earrings (i feel naked without them). Coral/yellowy pink/red lipstick. Chanel #5, except in summer...then White Daisy, by Kara Vita. Sterling silver "pearls" with jeans.

As a 'southern girl", I was taught that you never went out without wearing your earrings, mascara and lipstick. And my hair must be "done" before going out. I did not wear jean except for riding horses...until I was about 30. (Boy did I get teased about this!!!) I love to wear crisp white shirts with jeans...and lots of silver.

Jane (artfully graced)

Michael Lee West said...

That's right, Jane--earrings! We Southern girls are taught that. When my mother visits, she immediately checks me out to see if I'm wearing lipstick and earrings. I've been backsliding, though. :-)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Hmm, Like Jennifer I have to think really hard about this one.

My CAMERA! I think everyone that knows me identifies me with my camera and my camera alone. I would love to run a poll with friends and family and see if that would be their answer. I bet it would.

hoop earrings. I love jewelry but I always choose my hoops. HOOPS!

Silver jewelry

Tree & beach related things

My fav colors-Shades of turquise and robins egg blue, to wear black.

LIke you I am wild ab monograms. I used to have a embrodiery business and could put some letters on things!

Love my jeans!

My friend Flo would without a doubt say my Margaritaville t's. She gives me a hard time about them.

Music. Got to have it.

Notebooks and "good pens". I write all the time. I journal, I write songs, poetry and novel ideas. I have literally TONS of notebooks, saved all teh way back to my freshman year of highschool. I also have a boatload of stationary. I love to send people cards & letters. Its becoming a lost art.

other than that.....???

Mimi said...

Mine just happens to be purple ink, have used it for 25 years!

Miss Janice said...

I you knew me 25 years ago, the first thing you'd probably say when meeting me today is "Oh, I see you still wear your hair in a ponytail with a grosgrain ribbon!"

Wendy said...

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel (most days) or Chanel #5 (somedays)

Always earrings. Plain days mean either simple diamond studs or small silver hoops.